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    For your child’s asthma, Homeopathy is a blessing.

    Dr. Shah’s homeopathy helps to reduce number of attacks, reduce duration, reduce severity, reduce dependency on inhaled cortisone.

Asthma is a common disease among children all over the world, in developed as well as the poor country.

Due to the environment which is full of pollution, exposure to chemicals in various forms, poor food habits, overuse of antibiotics, and genetic factors, asthma or wheezing episodes have become increasingly common in the age group of 1 to 14 years.

Conventional treatment consists of the use of inhaled and oral cortisone and bronchodilators with antibiotics. Well, that regimen helps but it does not prevent the recurrence. Rather, often, it might lead to more recurrences, due to its suppressive role.

What’s the alternative?
Homeopathy is an alternative. It is a common experience of homeopathic doctors since over last 200 years that it works against asthma in children.

At Life Force, Dr Shah’s protocols for asthma have proven efficacy and the experience shows that within 2-3 months homeopathy treatment, most children having asthma have reduced frequency, severity, duration, and drug-dependency. And, it is very safe.

Homeopathy medicines can be safely taken in along with the conventional medicines.

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