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Asthma: More about Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma

Understanding what is to be treated in Asthma?

When we talk about the homeopathic treatment of asthma, we have to be clear about 'what is to be treated in the case of asthma?' Asthma, as we have discussed earlier, is a multi-factorial, deep level disorder involving the immunological system of the body, having symptomatic expressions at the level of the lungs. With this understanding of the disease, it may be clearly perceived that any treatment targeted simply at the level of lung symptoms will have only temporary help. Just to relieve the symptoms of breathlessness and cough will prove too superficial an approach, when we are looking at the long-term goal of treating the disease at a root level. Hence we need to address this disorder at the level of the immune system.

The homeopathic approach to treating Asthma:

Homeopathy is a scientific medical alternative for treating a wide range of chronic ailments. The basic approach in homeopathy is to evaluate the disease of asthma in its whole extent, whereby a lot of emphasis is given to the patient as a whole besides minutely studying various detailed aspects of asthma.

Homeopathy firmly believes in enhancing body's own defense mechanism to maintain the healthy status. The homeopathic treatment is aimed at enhancing body's own healing capacity so that the human system does not react adversely to the allergens which are considered external factors affecting asthma.

As a rule, homeopathy never looks at Asthma as a local disease; it has been considered as a local expression of a system disturbance. As per the classical homeopathy, we believe in constitutional prescribing. This calls for an individual case study in every case of asthma. There is no single specific remedy for all the cases of asthma. The exact treatment is determined only by in-depth evaluation of the individual case.

In patients suffering from asthma, when treated with homeopathy, not only do their symptoms come under control, but also they become stronger individuals with enhanced resistance power. They do not react to the allergens as adversely as they would, prior to the homeopathic treatment. This is because homeopathy does not treat asthma person, but treats the patient as a whole.

Treatment of acute attack of Asthma:

It is possible to treat an acute attack of asthma in patients with correctly chosen homeopathic medicine. However, it requires careful study of every episode as one requires evaluating the factors which may have precipitated the attack, the exact symptoms, the factors which make the attack worse or better, etc. However, in some cases, if modern medicines (such as bronchodilators or antiallergenic drugs) are administered during the severe attack when the patient is still on homeopathic medication, it does not interfere with the homeopathic treatment.

How to get started with the treatment?

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