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A 66-years-old retired businessman from Raipura central part of India, Mr. SA (PIN 17458) registered online on 18th November 2011.

He was suffering from Allergic Asthma for more than 6 years. He was tired of taking allopathic medicines frequently for 5 years. So, he searched for alternative treatment options on the internet and went through Dr. Shah's www.asthmaticbronchitis.com. He got registered online and filled-up the questionnaire.

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He mentioned that he had an allergy to the dust, strong smell, animal fur, and the change of weather. Once he would get exposed to any of this, he would suffer from a severe cough with breathlessness. His cough used to be so severe sometimes that he would become unconscious for a few minutes if he did not get his nebulizer. He was a sportsperson and would like to perform outdoor activities. But, due to all these allergies, he had to stay at home. He was very disappointed because of this.

Further, in the questionnaire, he mentioned about his health in general. He was a vegetarian and had an average appetite and thirst. His sweating, bladder habits, and bowel motions were normal. He had a craving for sweet and cold drinks. Often, he used to have anxious dreams in his sleep. Otherwise, his sleep was sound and refreshing.

Physically, he was an averagely built, lean person. He had cordial relations with his family which included his wife, two sons, and their spouses. There was no stress at the family level at present, but, 10 years back, there were some unpleasant incidents within his family. Those memories still used to haunt him. He would get anxious and depressed over it. Living indoor life, most often, used to add more stress to his mental state.

There were some minor illnesses in his past, such as recurrent gastritis, spondylitis, and headache, 5 years back. Recently, he had undergone a cataract surgery. His father was asthmatic and also had eczema. His mother was a heart patient.

Dr. Shah went through his questionnaire and studied all his details. Based on the information, Homeopathic medicine for two months was prescribed to him on 20th November 2011 and dispatched on the same date. 

Mr. S.A. received and started the medicines on 24th November 2011. He was advised to take his nebulizers if required.

He reported online after 2 months on 17th January 2012. He mentioned that there was a good response to the medicines. Overall, there was 50% improvement in his relief from breathlessness. The frequency, duration, and intensity of his cough were 90% improved. He added that the cold weather is one of the triggering factors for his asthma, but, in the winter, he was able to do his morning walk without any problem. Allopathic medicines were seldom taken by him.

Later, he reported online from Oman on 12th March 2012. He had to go to Oman for some work of his new business. Due to the change of weather, diet, and stress of his new business, his improvement had slowed down. He mentioned that there was still 50% overall improvement. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in his medicines and dispatched them to Oman.

On 10th May 2012, the patient was pleased to mention that there was more than 75% improvement in his condition. Now, he was free of his nebulizers, cough medicines, and other bronchodilators. He was able to tolerate the dusty weather of his new residence. Also, he was not hypersensitive to the fumes and strong smell anymore. Changing his diet had no effect on is immunity.

He was very happy to enjoy his outdoor life and thanked Homeopathy and Dr. Shah for the effective recovery.


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating allergic asthma and providing the patient a great relief from its discomfort successfully and safely without any side-effects.

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