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J.P.M - North Calolina, United States

Fingernail growth is now coming in without any pitting. I have noticed that sugary foods like cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. make all areas much worse a few days after eating. I have stopped eating all foods of this type and have seen an improvement in the Psoriasis in all areas. The plaques on my elbows and knee have remained the same size but have less swelling and redness than before. Scalp psoriasis has completely cleared.

M.A, Dubai

Dear Dr. Shah.
I have responded to the treatment for Urticaria. I can say that we have achieved a 100% improvement since the treatment started. I can hardly see any outburst of urticaria. The urticaria disease has definitely stopped now. Before applying for the Homeopathic therapy treatment I was taking constantly anti histamines (Cortisone) for about 4month and there was no improvement what so ever. It used to worsen the urticaria. But thanks to your treatment I am now free from the anti histamines and urticaria disease. I would like to mention that after the first 4 weeks of taking your treatment I have noticed a big change. I have also stopped eating food containing of onion, corn, species, and coffee and I suppose that helped improve my condition as well. What is important for me is to let you know and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me cure this horrible disease which have taken a part of my life earlier and I was not able to eat and sleep or have a normal life. I can easily say that I have my normal life back again. 
Best Regards, 

N. B., Sharjah, UAE

N B, 18745, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates I, NB, started with some white lines in my mouth, they were very painful and gradually they were spreading. I was experiencing severe pain and burning in the oral mucosa which was more on taking hard food or taking sour, spicy food or hot and cold food in any form. The pain was so severe that it affected my appetite and I couldn’t eat properly due to it. I had started using a kids toothpaste as I couldn’t tolerate a adult toothpaste which caused severe burning sensation in my mouth. I was a diabetic which was under control with oral hypoglycemics. The skin was diagnosed as being LP and I was put on a course of cyclosporin for 4 months, but there was no change. In fact the LP spread further and also appeared in my vagina. I was very frustrated with this annoying complaint as the LP spots were very itchy and ugly. I approached Dr Shah’s clinic with this complaint. With in 2 months of starting the treatment, there was mild improvement in my burning. Within 6 months of starting the treatment, Dr Shah, I can say that there was significant improvement in my LP. There was 60% improvement in my mouth and 20% improvement in the vagina. The size of the old spots had reduced. There was no further spread in the LP. The pain and the burning in the mouth had reduced a lot and the white lines disappeared gradually. I am back to the adult toothpaste since I am able to brush my mouth without feeling the burn from the lichen planus. I am regaining my appetite as I am able to eat everything without much discomfort. I am very thankful to Dr Shah and his team for the all the help and for relieving me from this dreadful disease.


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