An engineer found significant relief in Fissure with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

Mr. S. P. was introduced to Dr. Shah by his colleague who had been treated in the past for the same complaints by Dr. Shah. Mr. S. P. was thirty nine year old gentleman staying in Navi Mumbai with his family. He visited Life Force on 25th October 2013. He had pain while passing stools daily since two months. He had similar episode two years back which was treated with conventional medicines. Now he had burning and bleeding after passing stools. The burning pain would last for four to five hours. He had hard and constipated bowel movements. After passing stools it would be difficult to sit for two to three hours. He was diagnosed as fissure in ano along with sentinel piles by a general surgeon. The surgeon had suggested him surgery for treatment. Instead the patient started with local homeopathy medicines since past two to three weeks. He had taken the conventional medicines for a month before that.

He was a vegetarian by choice. His appetite was normal. He preferred normal home cooked food, if at all he had spicy or chilly food his complaints would increase. He could tolerate both the extremes of temperature. His had developed male pattern baldness.

His family consisted of wife, a daughter aged nine years and a son aged three years. His wife was a home maker.

He did not have any major stress except job and work pressure. He was anxious regarding his health condition. His wife was good natured and children were mischievous.

He had been operated for piles at the age of ten years.

Dr. Shah prescribed him Sulphur 30c two doses along with a research based medicine.

He visited on 13th November to report considerable relief in few days after starting with the medicines. The burning pain and hard stools were relieved by 50%. The swelling and pricking pain was less in intensity. He was taking laxative (cremaffin) daily at night for motions to be soft. He was advised to continue with the medicines.

He visited on 12th December and was glad to report further improvement. He stated that on few days he felt completely relieved and some days it would re appear. Since two days it had re appeared. There was no bleeding, but pain and swelling. He was anxious regarding these frequent recurrences. He was still continuing taking laxative (cremaffin) as stool softener. Dr. Shah added few medicines to his prescription.

He visited on 17th January 2014 for his next follow up. In between he had visited twice for mild recurrence of the symptoms. He always felt relieved after the reassurances and medicines. He had tremendous anxiety for his condition. He was appropriately attended for his in between recurrence and hence his faith had increased in Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah prescribed him Sulphur 200c two doses along with Kali Carbonicum 30c two doses. He was also advised to gradually taper his intake of laxative (cremaffin).

He visited on 4th March 2014 for feedback. He was relieved of 75% of his complaints. The pain, burning and pricking pain was decreased by 75%. In between he just had a single episode of pain and mild bleeding as his stools were hard. He had stopped laxative (cremaffin) since twenty days and had been able to pass soft stools.

He is continuing with the medicine for further improvement.

Uploaded on 6 March 2014, by Dr. M.N.P.

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