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Fissure-In-Ano: Frequently Asked Questions

QI am suffering from Fissure-in-ano and have been advised surgery for the same. Is surgery only option for treatment of fissure-in-ano?

No. Think of surgery only after a fair trial with homeopathic medicine. Most cases of fissure-in-ano get well and rarely need surgery, if treated with homeopathic medicines.

QHow homoeopathy helps avoid surgery?

The mainstay of surgery is to produces cuts in the muscles surrounding the anus to reduce anal spasm. The same goal can be achieved with homoeopathy without using knife. In fact homoeopathic medicines help to reduce habitual tendency to constipate and this goes a long way to prevent recurrence of the condition.

QWhat homoeopathic medicines do for Fissure-in-ano?

Homeopathic medicines are basically aimed at enhancing the healing process of the fissures. Homeopathic medicines are extremely effective, absolutely safe and free from side effects. They may be taken along with other supportive medicines such as laxatives. They facilitate healing, improve blood circulation to the affected parts, relieve the anal spasm, alleviate pain, prevent infection, relieve constipation and treat all the symptoms in totality.

QAre there any adverse effects of homoeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are 100% safe and free from any side effects when administered by qualified professionals. The medicines are administered in micro dose (potentized form), which render them free from any toxic effects. The medicines are safe for children, elders, and also for pregnant females. Even prolonged use of these medicines causes no side effects of any nature.

QHow long I will have to take these medicines?

Duration of homeopathic treatment will depend on duration of fissure-in-ano, how deep it is, and whether there are any complications associated with it. And hence exact duration of treatment cannot be predicated. However, improvement begins within 4-8 weeks in most cases.

QAre there any homeopathic ointments for my fissure problem?

Homoeopathy believes in constitutional medicines, which are administered orally, which reaches to every corner of body. Homeopathy does not advocate use of creams and lotions, which work only locally.

QI am taking laxative for my fissure-in-ano. Can I still take homeopathy medicines?

This is a commonly asked question. The answer is yes.

QI have developed infection in my anal fissures. Do you feel homeopathy can take care of this infection?

Homoeopathy is an effective alternate to antibiotics in infectious conditions, producing no toxic side effects and bringing about rapid recovery.

QWill the problem recur after homoeopathy treatment?

Chances are very less. The main reason for recurrence of this condition is tendency to constipation. While choosing homeopathy medicines the cause of constipation for a particular patient is also evaluated such as sedentary habits, dietary errors, faulty feeding habits, mental stress, weakness of digestive system muscles etc. The medicine administered encompasses theses factors and helps to relieve constipation tendency itself.