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Fissure-in- ano gets cured with online treatment at Life Force Homeopathy

Thirty six years old Mr. N.H. M. contacted Life Force Homeopathy on 15th May 2015 for treatment of fissure-in-ano . He started the treatment through the online portal. His patient identification number is 25725. He was residing in Thiruvaruvar district in Tamil Nadu. He had approached LifeForce after going through the website.

Mr. N.H.M. was suffering from fissure-in-ano since one-and-half years. His pain ha reduced significantly after taking homeopathic medicines from a local homeopathic doctor. But he was still facing recurrence in the problem every two to three months. The symptoms would last for two days every-time. His stools were persistently towards hard in consistency. Rarely the stools were soft or loose. The patient was facing the problem of constipation since the time he was suffering from fissure-in -ano. There was pain that would stay for sometime after passing stools.
There was no past history of any major diseases. In family, his father was diabetic and also had some heart related condition.

He had an average appetite and liked to eat sweet, fish and fruits. The thirst was average with only little perspiration. There were no complaints in urination. He was tolerant to heat as compared to cold. He had described his physical appearance as flabby and short. His sleep was sound with repetitive fearful dreams of accident and death of relatives. 

He stayed with his wife and two daughters. His currently emotional status were predominantly that of sadness, depression, anger and happy. He would express his negative emotions by shouting.

Based on above details provide by the patient in an online questionnaire Dr Shah prescribed Nitricum Acidicum 30c and new research based medicine. They were dispatched by courier on the address provided by the patient during registration.

After two months on 21st July 2015, patient gave online feedback. He mentioned that there is ten percent improvement observed in the pain of fissur-in-ano. Constipation was still present but that did not aggravate the complaint of fissure-in-ano. He had suffered from recurrence of his chief complaint three times in last two months. The episode lasted for four days every time. He was prescribed Nitricum acidicum 30c, Silica 30c, Sulphur Iodum 30c, Bryonia album 30c and Opium 30c, along with research based medicines.

Patient gave his next feedback on 20th September 2015. He reported that there was twenty percent relief in his symptoms. The burning and pain in anal region was present in reduced intensity. The frequency of recurrence was once in twenty days. There was not much change in constipation even after consuming fruits, vegetables and sufficient amount of fluids. Dr Shah repeated the same prescription of last feedback and added Collinsonia 200c to it.

In the next feedback on 24th November 2015 patient reported recovery by fifty percent. The tendency to frequent constipation was still present. But the pain and burning in anal region had reduced significantly. He was repeate with the same medicines that were prescribed in last follow up with addition of Sulphur 30c to the new prescription.

Mr. N.H. M. called at LifeForce Clinic on 25th March 2016. He reported hundred percent improvement in his fissur-in-ano. There was no pain, burning or bleeding while passing stools. He was following the dietary modifications, in order to avoid constipation. He decided to stop the treatment and promised to get back if required in future. The patient is not taking any treatment for Life Force till date for his problem of fissure-in-ano.

The case highlights the efficacy of homeopathic medicines based on careful selection symptoms of the disease given by patient when not present in front of treating physician. The case also projects the rapid and gentle recovery without causing any side-effects.

Dr Mrudula
12th July 2016

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