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Fast Recovery of Fissure-In-Ano With Life Force Homoeopathy!!


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This is a case of Mrs. T. U. forty-three years’ female suffered from fissure-in-ano. She visited Life Force on 10th May 2016. She had fissure-in-ano since one year. She had hard stool followed by pain and burning in the anal region. Her complaints were increased 10 days after menses. Pain also increased after a long time sitting and eating after spicy food. She took allopathic medication on and off in one year.


Mrs. T. U. also had complaints of Urticaria since one month. She had red eruptions over hands, back and chest on and off. Urticaria increased by eating paneer and dal.
She was a vegetarian and had cravings for sweets and dal rice. She was sensitive to heat. She perspired a lot, specific over face, head, and neck.  Her sleep was disturbed. She had dreams of snakes and water.


She was a lawyer by profession, but she took a gap in her career since last two years for her son’s career. Her husband was a businessman. Her interpersonal relationship with all family members was good.


Her father suffered from hypertension. Brother had gout problem.


She had not suffered from any major illness in past.


She was a confident, arrogant and expressive lady. She felt the responsible person in society. She liked discipline in every work. She observed people very minutely.  She didn’t like to cheat on anyone. She also loved spiritual things.  


Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed sepia 200 and his research based molecules for fissure in an.

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Mrs. T. U. visited for her first follow up on 25th June 2016. Overall there were forty present improvements. Pain and burning at anus reduced. Her urticarial rash was also better. Premenstrual complaints reduced.


She gave her follow up online after two months on 18th August 2016. There were seventy present reliefs in her complaints. Only itching and burning were a little bit. In general, the patient was better.


She reported online on 7th October 2016. There were eighty present reliefs in her complaints. Itching, burning and the pain was reduced. Urticaria also reduced.


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Mrs. TU continues to take homeopathic treatment from LifeForce for further recovery.


Conclusion: This case shows that homeopathy can recovers cases very fast without the help of any modern medicine. 


-Dr. Ishwari Nanoti 


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