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Lifestyle Changes for GERD Patients

Patients of GERD can benefit immensely if they follow the following set of instructions and incorporate these into their daily lives. These changes in lifestyle can bring under good control most of the symptoms of GERD and can significantly alleviate the symptoms of GERD.

  • Don't eat at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. This will help to empty of the stomach before the person goes into the reclined position and will prevent the reflux.
  • Don't lie down right after eating at any time of day.
  • Keep the head end of your bed elevated by at least 6 inches with blocks because gravity helps in preventing the reflux of the acid from the stomach.
  • Don't eat large meals; instead opt for smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Give up smoking because smoking weakens the lower esophageal sphincter and increases reflux.
  • Avoid alcohol because it increases the likelihood that acid from your stomach will back up.
  • Reduce your weight if you are overweight because obesity increases the chances of reflux of the acid.
  • Avoid fatty, greasy foods, chocolate, caffeine, spicy foods, citrus foods and other things which worsen your heartburn.
  • Avoid remaining in stooped posture; keep an upright posture when standing or sitting.
  • Be cautious with over-the-counter painkillers as these might worsen your complaints, always ask your physician before taking any such medication.
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