Case-13: Pain in Calcaneal Spur treated without painkillers

Pain in Calcaneal Spur treated without painkillers

Mrs. S.R (Patient Identification Number-6263) visited Life Force Homoeopathy clinic on 23 rd November 2017 with a complaint of severe pain in the right heel for 2-3 months.

The heel pain was getting worse on taking initial few steps and would get better as she moved about. The pain was worse on waking up in the morning. She complained of some kind of ‘stitching pain’ or ‘poking pain’ while taking the initial steps in the morning or on getting up after sitting for a long time. On clinical examination, it was diagnosed as a Calcaneal Spur. The diagnosis was confirmed by an X-Ray.

She did not have any other major problem. Her appetite was average. She had craving for sweets. Her thirst and perspiration were average. She had a problem with hard stools and micturition was absolutely normal. 

She was an irritable and sensitive person. She had now accepted life as it is as she had experienced major setbacks in past. 

There was no major illness or surgery done in her past.

After studying her case thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed her with Medorrhinum 1M and some other research-based medicines.

She visited the clinic on 7th December 2004 with 40-50 % relief in her complaints. Her bowel movements were also relieved by 60%. This time there were few changes made in the medicines.

On 1st of February 2005, she had 75 % relief in her complaints. The constipation was also relieved by 85 percent.

She visited for her follow up on 15th of April 2005 with a slight aggravation in her complaints as she had a lot of exertion. This time Dr. Shah prescribed her with some other research-based medicines.

On 30th June 2005, she had 90 percent relief in her complaints. The patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment.


A quick relief was experienced by the patient as she had sought treatment in early stages of the disease. Homeopathic medicines help in reducing the pain, swelling, and inflammation of affected tissues and thereby helps complete recovery.

(By Dr. Amrita K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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