Chronic Vertigo Got Treated Incredibly With Homeopathy

A 44-years-old woman, Mrs. S.R.S. (PIN 27462) visited the Life Force clinic on 12th December 2015 with her complaint of vertigo. She was suffering from this condition from the last one year. She used to experience an episode of vertigo every day along with nausea. She used to experience heaviness in her head continuously. She would experience sensations like she will fall down and objects are moving in the front of her eyes.

She used to get an episode of vertigo more often after the slightest change in the position, moving her head, looking down, and looking at a moving object. 

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She was on allopathic medicines from the last one month and it was not giving her any relief.

Her appetite was good. She was having cravings for salty and spicy foods. She was fond of eating non-veg cuisines. She didn’t like to have sweets and sour things in her diet. Her thirst was good. She used to perspire a lot, particularly on her forehead. Thermally, she was chilly.

Her bowels were not satisfactory. She was passing hard stools with ineffectual desire. Also, she was experiencing difficulty while passing the urine. She got her menses at the age of 12, and menses were regular. Before the menses, she used to get a mild abdominal pain.

Physically, she was obese, fair with frowning face. Her tongue was clean and moist. She was a homemaker married from the last 19 years. She was having two sons and both of them were studying. Her husband was working in a shipping corporation.

She was very jolly and extrovert. Her life was full of happiness and no stress was present, but, since her complaint of vertigo, she became irritable and was anxious about her health a lot. A lot of anticipatory anxiety was present.

In the past, she had suffered from the urinary tract infection. Also, she had undergone tubectomy. His father was suffering from an acid peptic disease. Her mother was suffering from hypertension. Her sister was having the same complaint of vertigo.

After studying her case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her medicines for 6 weeks on 14th December 2015.

On 25th January 2016, she gave her first follow-up in which she was feeling 25% better than earlier. Her conventional medicine dose was reduced. She was able to do daily activities.

In March 2016, she was further better. That time, her overall comfort was 70%. Now, the frequency of her vertigo was once in 10 days. The intensity was also mild. Her dependency on the conventional medicine was almost nil.

On 13th August 2016, she reported 80 % recovery. The frequency of her vertigo further decreased. She didn’t suffer from a severe episode of vertigo in the last 2-3 months. She no more experienced nausea, sense of falling, and heaviness in the head, but, still, a minor giddiness was present.

She is still continuing the treatment with Life Force and availing the benefits of Dr. Shah's medicines.


This case illustrates that the dependency on the conventional medicines for treating vertigo can be reduced or eliminated with homeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Khushbunnisa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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