Immense Relief in Allergic Rhinitis with Homeopathy

A young gentleman, Mr. P. P., (PIN 13163) reported to the center for the complaints of Allergic Rhinitis. He was suffering from frequent colds from the last seven years. He would get colds every 2-3 days and they would last for a day or two. His cold used to get aggravated by humidity, curds, sour food, cold weather, AC, and strong smells. Generally, he avoided anti-histamines, but he would still require them once or twice per month. 

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He worked as a team leader in a big IT firm in Mumbai. He described himself as a short-tempered person. He used to get anxious until his work is done. He said that earlier he was very irritable in nature, but, nowadays, he has changed himself after understanding and practicing spirituality and self-awareness. In the past, he would become very upset with people and criticize them. He used to try and dominate people. He would take things personally and hold grudges. He would quarrel bitterly with people who would disagree or disobey. He was more aggressive and less flexible. He was very hardworking though, and he would put in 15 hours daily. Later, due to the recession, he lost his job. He had a lot of dissatisfaction too. In his free time, he read a lot of books, and he molded himself. He became less reactive, reduced his anxiety, and built awareness. He liked to go for long tours, as he is a nature lover. He liked to go for treks in the Himalayas. 

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and he prescribed him Nat-Phos 200 C. 

The patient reported good progress after 6-8 weeks of the treatment. 

Gradually, the relief ensued and, after a span of four months, he was free from his colds. He was treated totally for a period of one year. 

In the last four months, he gets hardly an episode of colds and then his treatment was discontinued by Dr. Shah.


This case illustrates that allergic rhinitis can be treated with homeopathy effectively and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy relieves you of frequent colds and gives you a great relief.

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