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3-Years-Old Kid Got Excellent Recovery From Laryngitis & Frequent Colds In 6 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 3-years-old body, a cute 3 yr old boy, Master D.T (PIN 33674) was escorted by his mother to our Chembur Clinic on 19th September 2017 for getting his complaints of troublesome Laryngitis & Frequent Colds treated. He was a playgroup kid, who was a resident of Bandra, Mumbai.
As per his family’s medical history, his grandparents had Allergic Rhinitis and that was a genetic link to his health issues.

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He was born through a cesarean delivery at full term. He was healthy at birth with his birth weight being 3.4kgs, but he was put on antibiotics for the first seven days of his life. Since his birth, he was troubled with the discomfort of the frequent colds, &, at the tender age of one year, he was affected by Atopic Dermatitis, & till he was 2.5 years old he suffered from asthmatic bronchitis.

His parents were worried as their son was getting affected by this cold problem every other month. Off late, his complaints sprung up once every in two months, but, in the last three months, the frequency of his complaints had increased to every 2-3 weeks. This made the parents and the kid anxious. 

This cold was affecting his voice too. It was causing hoarseness in voice, in addition to the nose blocks, sneezing, swollen tonsils, &, at times, fever.

As a kid, he had cravings for sugar & cold drinks, which would aggravate his cold complaints. So, by curtailing his desires, his parents had to restrict them. He was affected with discomfort with every weather change. The summer was the only respite to him where he was almost relieved off his cold problems.

He had to take antibiotics, anti-histamines, chest decongestants, & cough syrups as & when required.

By nature, he was an energetic and fun-loving child. He was an introvert, selective with friends, and not very social.

His treatment was started at Life Force Homeopathy, after his case was studied thoroughly by Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. The patient was prescribed with highly advanced research-based homeopathic molecules by Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D for 6 weeks.

Within the first 3 months of the treatment, he got 75% relief from his complaints of cold & laryngitis.

In six months of the treatment, his discomfort due to the cold & laryngitis reduced drastically. The frequency, intensity, & duration of his ailments were reduced by 90% to 95%. Now, he seldom encounters a runny nose and an occasional sneeze with no tonsillar swellings or change in the voice. He didn’t suffer even a single bout of fever.

He is happily continuing the treatment for ensuring the complete recovery.

The parents of the child were astonished by the treatment results & improved immune status of their son. They are happy to get to see their playful son happy and healthy, and it’s indeed a sigh of relief to them.


This case highlights that homeopathy works wonders in treating a patient of any age group. The immunity-related health problems are the best addressed by Homeopathy. Chronic illnesses are some of the conditions which can never get a better treatment than homeopathy. For correcting the low immune status of a child or an elderly and for curing low immunity diseases, you will seldom find a treatment which can match the effectiveness of Homeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D

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