A 7-Years-Old Kid Found Quick Relief From Chronic Urticaria Complaint With Homeopathy

A 7-years-old child, Mast. S. K. K. (PIN 32351) visited Pune branch of Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his complaints of urticaria. He was suffering from urticaria from the last 7 to 8 months. He was experiencing swelling over the face, behind the ear, on the lips, over the back and forearms, and over the abdomen. He was experiencing reddish and whitish spots over the affected area with severe itching. He was also suffering from the throbbing pain and burning over the affected area.

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His condition used to get aggravated due to the exposure to the sun, after eating sauce, and after eating the cold food. He used to feel better by applying the ice and by going for allopathic medicines but only for a short period.

He took allopathic medicines for one week in the beginning and then started homeopathic medicines, but he found no satisfying result.

There was a strong family history of the skin diseases in his family.

He was also suffering from the nocturnal enuresis from the last one year.

His diet was average. He was having the craving for fish, chicken, and paneer. He was having a strong aversion to bitter gourd. His thirst was normal. He was getting profuse perspiration, particularly on the forehead. His stool and urine were normal.

He was a 7 years old student. Physically, he was average by the build. His nails were normal. His hair was thick, and his skin was oily. His tongue was white-coated. 

His father was working in a private company. His mother was a homemaker. He was a happy and well-supported child.

He was gentle, polite, and confident. He was very clever. He used to turn irritable after contradiction. He used to shout in anger. He liked dancing.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail, and, as per the case, he prescribed him his research-based medicines on 9th June 2017.

On 13th July 2017, the patient was better by 50%. He had experienced the last episode on 27th June 2017. The intensity of his pain and burning were reduced.

On 28th August 2017, he was better by 75%. He didn’t experience any episode of urticaria in the last 2 months. The patient was comfortable even after exposure to the sunlight and after eating the sauce.

In October 2017, the patient reported 80% recovery. The patient rarely got hives, and the intensity of the acute episode of urticaria too was highly reduced. There was a very mild swelling of the affected area. His itching was also reduced by 80 %.

The patient was very happy with such a positive and quick response to homeopathic medicines.


This case illustrates that homeopathy offers quick and effective results in treating urticaria.

- Written by Dr. Khushbunnisa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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