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11 Years Persistent & Steroid-Dependent Urticaria Got Treated In 15 Months With Homeopathy

A 26-year-old male patient, Mr. A.I.K. (PIN: 34477) visited the Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 27th November 2017 for getting treated for his complaints of Urticaria.

The patient had been complaining of urticaria for 11 years. He was experiencing reddish spots all over his body with severe itching and burning pain. The spots used to appear on his body daily. His complaints used to get aggravated most often by the change in the weather and, mainly, in the winter. The patient used to take anti-histamines Cetrizine and Betnesol Forte daily.


He had cravings for meat, sour, fish, eggs, fruits, and salt. The patient had aversion to spicy food. He was experiencing frightful dreams of snake, accident, death of relatives, and exam.


The patient had a supportive family. He was having negative thoughts when he used to experience tension and while preparing for exams. But, he was focusing on positive thoughts. He used to speak angrily when having negative thoughts.


The patient’s mother is also suffering from allergic rhinitis.


After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecules for 8 weeks to the patient.

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On his first follow-up on 4th December 2017, the patient was overall 25% better than earlier. He was prescribed medicines for another 8 weeks. The patient was taking medicines regularly and was following an appropriate diet.


When the patient reported on 25th January 2018, the patient's relief from the complaints was 30% better. He had stopped taking tablet Betnesol Forte and was taking Cetrizine’s half tablet daily.


In June 2018, due to the change of weather, the complaints of the patient had increased. So, he had taken 1 tablet of Cetrizine daily and Betnesol once in a week till October.


In October 2018, the patient's relief from the complaints of urticaria was 70% better. He had stopped taking tablet Betnesol Forte and was taking Cetrizine half tablet daily.


In December 2018, the patient's relief from the complaints was 90% better. He had stopped taking tablet Betnesol Forte as well as Cetrizine half tablet daily for 2 weeks.


In February 2019, the patient's relief from the complaints was 100% better. He had stopped taking tablet Betnesol Forte as well as Cetrizine half tablet daily.


The patient had even experienced a change in the weather but did not suffer a recurrence of urticaria.
The patient was very happy with the treatment and continued taking homeopathy.


This case highlights that homeopathy helps in treating allergic skin conditions like Urticaria successfully and safely without any side-effects and also reduces the need for taking conventional medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Swapnil N, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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