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A 34-Year-Old Lady Gets Rid Of Her Multiple Fibroadenoma (Benign Tumors) With Homeopathy And Without Surgery

A 34-year-old female, Ms. A.M. (PIN: 25849) started treatment at Life Force Homeopathy, Chembur on 28th September 2016 for her complaint of Fibroadenoma.

She was suffering from this problem for one year.

She had multiple, small lumps in both the breasts. She suffered from heaviness in the breasts and pain in the lumps around 15 days before her menses. She was also experiencing a watery discharge from the nipples during her menses.

In menstrual history, her LMP was 04.09.16. Her menses had been irregular. She got her menses in 40-45 days that used to last for around 4-5 days.

She also suffered from dysmenorrhea, due to which she used to suffer from severe crampy pains in the abdomen and back and pain on the first 2-3 days of the menses. She had to take antispasmodic tablets every month else she could not continue her daily activities. She also complained of Acne on face 2-3 days before and during her menses. Her acne pimples were large and painful and used to leave hyperpigmented marks.

Her Gynecologist had prescribed her Tab Premence, which she had been taking for the past 20 days.

She had a mixed diet. She had an average appetite and decreased thirst. She has a sweet tooth and craving for sweets, chocolates. Also, she had a craving for fish, eggs, and chicken. She had a habit of smoking for the past 5 years, 3-4 cigarettes in a day, which she had quit after a lot of struggle from a year. She had a sound sleep but had recurrent dreams of falling off of teeth and the dreams of ghosts.

She stayed with her parents and siblings and worked as a recruiter for an MNC in Mumbai.

Mentally, she was under a constant state of worry. She was anxious about her mother's condition as she was suffering from Cancer. Disappointment, grief due to stressful relations with her partner could be elicited in her case. 

Her medical history was not significant, but, in her family history, her mother suffered from Cancer and IBS.

Dr. Shah studied and evaluated her case in detail and prescribed Conium 30 along with his research-based medicines for 6 weeks to the patient.

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The first follow-up was taken over the call on 14th November 2016. The patient had experienced a 20% improvement in relief. Her symptoms of heaviness and pain in the breasts before menses had reduced. Her menses were still irregular. LMP was 30.10.16. Her relief in Dysmenorrhea had improved a little, but she had to take the antispasmodic tablet to carry out with her routine. The prescription was repeated.

In the second follow-up, she had experienced a further improvement in her relief in the pain. Her LMP was 28.11.16 which indicated the hormonal fluctuations were responding well to the treatment and menses were getting regularized.

When the third follow-up was taken on 28th February 2017, she had experienced more than 50% improvement in her relief in Fibroadenoma. The pain had significantly reduced; there was no discharge from nipples during the menses. The relief in the painful menses had improved, and the menses became regular. The same medicines were repeated and prescribed for 4 months as she was traveling overseas this time.

She submitted her follow-up online on 2nd June 2017 where she mentioned that medicines were extremely effective for her, and the lumps had started to dissolve and pain had reduced by 70%. However, the complaints of Acne had increased. She again suffered from big, nodular Acne pimples which were painful. They healed leaving hyperpigmented marks on her face.

In the subsequent follow-ups, she experienced further improvement. There was a gap of 4 months in her treatment due to certain personal issues. She reported that the lumps were increasing in number and size both, and she again suffered from pain and heaviness in the breasts before menses. Her prescription was repeated was recommended to be compliant with the medicines for complete recovery.

She responded well to the medicines and continued treatment for another 8 months. Her lumps finally dissolved, her menses became regular, and dysmenorrhea significantly reduced. Also, she more requires to take the antispasmodics regularly.

She was happy and grateful to get rid of her troublesome symptoms safely with Homeopathy.


This case illustrates the wonder of Homeopathy in treating benign tumors, conditions like Fibroadenoma. Homeopathy relieves the patient of troublesome symptoms and promotes the dissolution of the lumps effectively. Homeopathy treats fibroadenoma effectively without requiring surgical intervention.

  • Written by Dr. Ritu C., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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