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Everything about Fibroadenoma and it causes symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment

Fibroadenomas are non-cancerous (benign) and harmless tumors which are made up of fibrous tissues of the breast. These are common in adolescents and young women. The incidence of Fibroadenoma reduces with increasing age.

Signs and symptoms

  • Fibroadenomas are smooth, round and easily movable swellings. It is referred to as ‘Breast Mouse’ or ‘floating tumor’ as it easily sleeps away from fingers. The size of the tumor may vary from one to five centimeters.
  • It could be single or multiple. Generally, it is painless and may affect both breasts.
  • Pain and tenderness (pain when touched) may be present especially before periods and subsides after periods. These cyclical changes are because of the hormonal changes. This is the reason why it is less common after menopause.

Causes of Fibroadenoma

The exact cause of Fibroadenoma is unknown. It is because of the cyclical hormonal changes that take place in the body of women of childbearing age.


  • Clinical history
  • Physical examination
  • Mammography – It is the process of using low amplitude x rays to examine breasts.
  • Biopsy – Women in their teens do not need a biopsy if the lump dissolves on its own.

Dangerous signs

  • The sudden increase in the size of the tumor
  • Pain in breast not affected by the menstrual cycle
  • Hard, immovable tumors

The transformation of Fibroadenoma into the cancerous tumor is very rare. Only 0.002-0.012% of the Fibroadenoma convert into a cancerous growth.

Treatment of Conventional treatment

  • 1) Fibroadenoma can subside on its own.
  • Cryoablation (use of extreme cold to destroy tissue) is a safe and effective and less invasive method of treatment for Fibroadenoma.
  • Surgical removal may be required in case of large Fibroadenoma.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is strongly suggested in the treatment of Fibroadenoma. Homeopathy can be given as a baseline treatment in mild and moderate cases whereas it has a good supporting role in advanced cases of tissue changes. The results using homeopathy in the cases of Fibroadenoma are very good.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after studying a patient’s complete case history. It enhances the body’s self-healing mechanism (immunity) thus a further recurrence of fibroadenoma can be prevented.

At Life Force, we have treated and documented a good number of cases of Fibroadenoma using homeopathy at Life Force.

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