100% Relief In Arthritic Pain Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when the protective tissue at the ends of bones (cartilage) wears down gradually and worsens over time.
The main joints that are affected are joints of the hands, neck, lower back, knees, and hips.
Symptoms of Osteoarthritis:
Here are some symptoms of osteoarthritis
1.Pain: Joint pain during movement.
2.Stiffness: Joint stiffness, mostly on awakening or during the beginning of the movement.
3.Tenderness: Joint tenderness on applying slight pressure to it. 
4.A loss of flexibility: Difficulty in moving the joint to its full potential range.
5.Crepitus: Crackling or popping sound during the movement of a joint.
6.Bone spurs: Bone spurs are bony projections that develop along the bone edges.
7.Swelling: Swelling of the joints due to soft tissue inflammation around the joint.
Risk Factors for the Development of Osteoarthritis:
1.Old age
2.Gender, as, mostly, females are at risk of developing the condition
4.Joint injuries
5.Repeated stress on the joint 
7.Bone deformities
8.Certain metabolic diseases

Complications due to Osteoarthritis:
Here are some health complications that may result due to osteoarthritis.
1.Chronic pain
2.Joint pain and stiffness affecting day to day activity
3.Depression and sleep disturbances that can result from the pain and disability of osteoarthritis
Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat osteoarthritis effectively and safely without any side-effects. Let’s have a look at a case of osteoarthritis that homeopathy treated remarkably.
A 44-year-old lady (PIN: 42867) came to Life Force Homeopathy on 7th March 2020 for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The main symptoms that the patient presented were difficulty in straightening her knees, particularly the right knee. She was also suffering from pain in the back of her right knee along with swelling. The pain often radiated downwards to the thigh and it increased while lying on the back. On bending the knee, she used to get a crackling sound. She also had locking of the knee, particularly when trying to move or standing up from the sitting position. The patient told that all her complaints started in August 2019 when she experienced a sudden locking of her right knee. 
Her family history was asked but there was no trace of any arthritic complaints in her whole family. Her history was also asked but there was nothing significant mentioned by the patient. When asked about the current treatment, the patient told us that she was undergoing physiotherapy for her arthritic complaint and she had used Enzoflam (NSAIDs) 1 tab SOS (twice in the last 1 week) for pain and that she had no drug dependency. When asked about her history of treatment, she told us that she had taken 
 1. Vitamin D3 weekly once for 3 months in August-October 2019.
 2. Calcium supplements were taken for a month in August 2019.
A detailed case history of the patient was taken including her mental and physical generals.
She was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. She had craving for salt. She had an average thirst and drank 4-5 liters/day. She told us that she used to perspire very less and that she couldn’t bear extreme climate. Her motion was satisfactory, and she had no urinary complaints. Her menses were regular with 30 days cycle. She enjoyed a sound sleep with no recurrent dreams.
Her psychology was also taken into consideration. She had a happy childhood with a well-supported family. But, after marriage, she had a stressful life. She had a problematic relationship with her husband. The constant fights and quarrels between them ended in divorce after 17 years of marriage. The patient was pregnant at that time and had to undergo an abortion which was still bothering her. She was a very sensitive and emotional lady. She told us that she often felt very lonely and depressed. She also told us that she was experiencing increased irritability these days. 
Her intellectual sphere was also taken into consideration. Her memory, intelligence, logic, perception, and analysis all were good.
Her general and systemic examination was done, and her BP (110/70mmhg) and weight (85.7kgs) were updated.
Dr. Shah went through the case file in detail and prescribed the medicines to the patient after evaluating the whole case. The patient was also advised to follow the general diet chart that was given to her and asked to reduce her weight. The patient was advised to do certain exercises and follow dietary restrictions to reduce her weight.

Her first follow-up was done on 4th May 2020. The patient told us that the locking of the knee was not experienced since she started the treatment from Life Force. The swelling had also reduced, and the stiffness and crackling sound had reduced in the first follow-up itself. The pain that was radiating down the thigh had also reduced. The patient was very happy with the result she experienced in her first follow-up.
By August 2020, the patient was better by almost 50% in relief in all her complaints.
By November 2020, the patient was further better. She had no episode of locking of the knee ever since she started our homeopathic treatment.
By December 2020, the patient was 100% better in her relief in the complaints and was very happy with the treatment she received at Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Shah.
This case illustrates that homeopathy is the best treatment that can be opted for a long-lasting to a permanent solution for chronic ailments. 
In the case of osteoarthritis, homeopathy can slow down the degenerative process and offer considerable relief in pain, thereby avoiding the long-term use of steroids or painkillers. 
-Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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