Genital Warts Disappeared In 1 Year Of Homeopathic Treatment From Life Force

A 37-year-old female patient, Ms. N.B. (PIN: 42881) visited Life Force’s clinic in Santacruz and started homeopathic treatment for her complaint of genital warts in March 2020.


The patient was suffering from genital warts for the last 6 months. She was opting for laser removal of warts every time she would develop them. The relapse was usually once a month. She was not having any warts when she visited Life Force for treatment as she had done laser surgery 7 days before her visit. The patient wanted to stop this repeated cycle of genital warts, and, hence, she started with the homeopathic treatment.


She was also having asthma since childhood, and she was using inhalers for it whenever required.


She had an average appetite. The patient had no specific craving or aversion related to food. Her water intake was sufficient. She had no issues related to the stool. Occasionally, the patient had a urine infection. Her sleep was sound.


The patient was working. She was staying with her parents and siblings. She was very emotional. Often, the patient used to feel lonely and hurt. 


She no history of any major illnesses in the past. Her father suffered from Diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Her mother had a history of asthma and diabetes mellitus.

After studying the case in-depth, Dr. Shah prescribed Causticum 30 and some research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient.



On 13th April 2020, in the first follow-up, the patient reported being stable with homeopathic medicines. She had no episode of relapse after starting the treatment. She continued with the homeopathic medicines regularly.


On 3rd September 2020, the patient reported that she had noticed two genital warts in the last few days. These new warts were small. The relapse had occurred after 5 months of homeopathic medicines, while, before following homeopathic medicines, it used to occur every month. The patient was happy with the improvement as the monthly relapsing cycle had stopped. The patient wanted to remove it with laser surgery, but she was advised not to go for surgery and continue with homeopathic medicines only.


On 19th November 2020, the patient updated that she was feeling improvement in the reduction in the size of warts. Warts had started reducing in size gradually. No new wart formation was noticed. The patient got more confidence in homeopathic treatment, and she further continued it.


On 27th December 2020, the patient reported further improvement with homeopathic medicines. Warts had completely flattened now. They were hardly visible on her skin. Overall progress with the medicine was noticed.


On 4th February 2021, the patient said that she was absolutely fine now. Genital warts were no more there. Warts vanished without any laser surgery. The frequent relapsing cycle broke with the homeopathic medicines. She was recovered from genital warts completely.


The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating her and improving her health.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating genital warts successfully and safely without any side effects. Here, homeopathy helped the patient in getting rid of genital warts naturally without any need for laser surgery.


  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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