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Vocal cord nodules in 39 years old lady cured without surgery

Vocal cord nodules in 39 years old lady cured without surgery
Thirty nine years lady, Mrs. N.B., [patient identification number 10322] who was a deputy general manage in a large company, presented at Life Force for the treatment of Vocal cord polyp in Jan 2008.

Mrs. N.B. Complained of hoarseness of voice. She was told not to overuse her voice. But being a DGM she had to conduct meetings and could not give rest to her vocal cord. Her appetite had gone down along with the complaints.

Other complaints
She used to have recurrent cold cough since 3-4 months.
There was generalized weight gain of 15-20 kg in 4 yrs. She was trying hard to control it, but was unable to do so. She also complained of Hair fall and acidity since she joined the job. Dr Shah advised her to undergo thyroid investigation. On investigation her thyroid came to be under active. (TSH – 9.31 on 17/1/08)

Disappointment with Allopathic treatment
She was given short course of steroids for vocal cord polyp which did not help her. Then she was advised surgery but she refused that option as she did not want to go under the scalpel.
Personal History
She is a vegetarian by choice. She preferred sour food and plenty of water in her diet. She has normal bladder, bowel movements. Menses are regular.

Her Family
She is staying alone in Mumbai. Her father is a Businessman in Calcutta. Mother is a House wife. Her relation with Husband is not cordial. He stays out of India. The couple is about to file for divorce.

Stress at job
There was a lot of stress at professional level. She used to work 15 – 20 hrs a day. Sometime she would do the night shift also. Her lifestyle was disturbed because of the hectic schedule she followed. She started with hair fall and acidity after she joined the job.
Emotional aspect of patient
She is Extrovert, talkative, has many friends. She is a dominating lady. She doesn’t like failures. She always wants to be on the top. As a student also she was bright and would always want to score the highest marks. She is impatient and short tempered by nature.

Family History
Father is hypertensive and having sinusitis. Mother was suffering from acidity.
Case Approach After analyzing all her symptoms and her emotional state, Dr Rajesh Shah gave her Natrum Mur as her constitutional medicine.
With this constitutional medicine, her polyp size reduced drastically up to 75% in just 4 months. Her acidity, constipation also reduced. Her hoarseness recovered and she did not face any further complaint regarding the vocal cord polyp.
Vocal cord Polyp is a surgical condition. In Allopathy, surgery is the only option along with the risk involved as vocal cord is the important delicate organ. Patient also was given advice to undergo surgery for the same, but with Homeopathic medicines her complaints were totally cured.

She stated very good recovery in her recurrent colds.
For her under active thyroid she opted for eltroxin.

She reported after three years for some other problems and confirmed that the vocal cord nodules and colds never reoccurred thereafter.

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