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Thirty seven years old Mr. A.K. (Patient Identification Number- 17350) started online treatment on 27th October 2011. He was residing in Hyderabad and was working as an area manager in a well known bank. He was suffering from psoriasis since 3 years. The lesions were spread on his abdomen, on nape of the neck, behind both the ears, elbows and legs. The triggering factor was stress according to him. He experienced severe itching and redness with scaling.

He had good appetite and liked eating spicy food. He perspired profusely. He preferred cold weather. He had sound sleep.

His family consisted of spouse and two children.

He was anxious and short tempered by nature. He was stressed due to his job. He used to shout at his juniors at work. He felt his condition was triggered due to this stress.

He had suffered from malaria in his childhood.

His father was suffering from diabetes mellitus and was in control with the help of homeopathic medication.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medication after studying his case in detail.

He reported on 8th February 2012. There were no new lesions and old lesions had started healing. The itching and redness on his lesions had reduced. The scaling was still the same.

He reported on 23rd June 2012. He was glad with the improvement. His lesions had recovered around 75%. His complaints like itching, redness and scaling had remarkable improvement.

He reported on 10th April 2013.His complaints were stable. There were no fluctuations even with weather change.

He reported on 10th November 2013. He was transferred for some office project. The weather change triggered his complaint of Psoriasis. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription. The fluctuation triggered due to weather change was appropriately managed with homeopathy.

He visited our clinic on 18th February 2014. The lesions were spread on his abdomen, on nape of the neck, behind both the ears, elbows and legs. His complaints of itching, redness and scaling had improved around 75%.

He is still continuing homeopathic treatment for complete recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 10th April 2014.

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