The Best Homeopathic Treatment and Medicine for Skin Disease

Skin being the largest organ in the human body, presents with many diseases on it. In fact, the skin is the reflection of what is happening under the skin, or rather, inside the body. Most of the internal systems and organs in the body when get affected or diseased, they show their effects in the form of skin diseases, in various forms.

For example, when the immune system gets haywire, it shows on the skin in the form of diseases like psoriasis or lichen planus. When the immune system gets hypersensitive or delicate, it shows internal disease in the form of allergies such as urticaria or eczema. When the internal immune system is weakened, it gets impacted by external germs and there are various skin infections such as pyoderma, boils, carbuncles, warts, molluscum contagiosa, fungus infections, etc.

Similarly, when the hormonal system inside gets sick, it can lead to some of the symptoms of hormonal diseases such as hair fall, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, vitiligo, dry skin, and the like. Also, some of the genetic tendencies are displayed in the form of skin diseases, such as vitiligo, skin cancer, psoriasis, pemphigus, etc.

In other words, the skin is like a mirror of our body, which reflects the internal changes, internal diseases. They need to be understood accordingly. That means, the skin diseases are not skin deep; they are much deeper than the skin. They give us a signal about the internal disease.

The homeopathic approach to skin disease

In homeopathy, when we approach the treatment of skin diseases, we evaluate skin disease in its totality; and try to understand its inner cause, at the level of immunology, hormones, genetics, metabolic, etc. and plan the treatment in such as way that the disease is addressed at the root level, treating the related cause. By treating the disease such as psoriasis or urticaria or lichen planus or vitiligo, we treat the disease at a deeper level so that the disease does not recur for a long time, for many years or months.

While treating the skin diseases at such a deeper level using homeopathy, the homeopathic medicines are administered orally. Homeopathy does not believe in treating skin disease by using lotions or cream. Homeopathy believes that if you treat skin disease by using external lotions, you are actually going to ‘suppress’ or ‘mask’ the disease and not ‘cure’ it.

Conventional treatment for skin diseases

The conventional or allopathic method of treating skin disease is different from that of homeopathy. Though conventional medicine understands that the skin disease is essentially the reflection of internal systems, as described above, however, the treatment approach entails the use of external medicines such as immuno-suppressive lotions and ointment, to ‘suppress’ or ‘mask’ the skin diseases. As a result what happens is that most of the skin diseases when treated by applying such lotions, comprising of cortisone (or such immunosuppressive medicines), show an initial result. However, on stopping the treatment, most diseases return or resurface in a short time. This is a common experience of millions of patients and thousands of doctors.

Which of the skin diseases are treated with success using homeopathy?

Most chronic skin diseases respond positively to homeopathic treatment. Let us talk about some of the common skin diseases and the scope of homeopathic treatment for them.

Skin Disease Treatment Effects

Psoriasis: Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for all cases of psoriasis, regardless of its extent. We have observed and documented excellent results even in the most severe cases of psoriasis,

at Life Force. Those cases of psoriasis that have consumed plenty of immunosuppressive medicines such as topical or oral cortisone and methotrexate, they pose some challenges while shifting to homeopathy. The case of psoriasis can be taken into remission (a symptom-free period) using homeopathy.

Vitiligo: About 2% of the world population and 8% of Indians suffer from vitiligo. Mild and moderate cases of vitiligo can be treated and controlled with good success with the use of homeopathic medicines. Extensive cases do not respond to homeopathy.

Vitiligo on Face
Urticaria on Ears

Urticaria: Chronic and recurring urticaria finds an excellent treatment of homeopathy. Those patients who are on anti-histamine medicines for a long time can reduce the dose slowly and strategically after

starting homeopathic medicines. At Life Force, we have de-addicted many patients who were on long-term use of antihistamines.

Lichen planus: This disease can appear on the skin, mouth, genitals, and nails. It results due to immunological reasons. Lichen Planus is best treated with homeopathy and the results are

Lichen Planus on Hands

excellent and lasting. Even oral Lichen planus cases, which are considered extremely difficult to cure, respond to homeopathy.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata and hair loss: Patchy hair loss on scalp, face and any hairy skin part result from auto-immune disease process (governed often by genetic tendencies) in the body. Homeopathy

works for it and produces marvelous results. Simple cases of hair loss are also treated with brilliant results using homeopathy.

......Read more on Alopecia Areata

Pemphigus: It is a severe and serious skin disease governed by an altered immune system when the patient presents with multiple, very painful, blisters on the skin and mouth. It is very difficult to treat. Early


and mild cases of pemphigus find some results with homeopathy. Extensive and very severe cases may find only some relief and not cure, using homeopathy.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or eczema: Babies and adults, all age groups, may present with eczema on any part of the skin with symptoms such as patches, itching, scaling, oozing, and bleeding. Eczema may have a

tendency to last on the body for a month, years, or even life-long. Homeopathy works beautifully in most cases. Earlier, if treated, better are the results.

To learn more about the role of various skin disease, please check some of the links on our website, where separate articles have been written about the role of homeopathy for various diseases such as acne, hyperpigmentation, boils, ashy dermatosis, molluscum contagiosa, lichen planus pigmentosa, epidermolysis bullosa, carbuncles, candidiasis, pityriasis alba, tenia corporis, herpes zoster, etc.

When you visit your skin doctor next time, please find go with some research on your skin disease and its possible homeopathic treatment. It may so happen that your skin doctor may not be adequately trained in homeopathy; may not be able to suggest you the homeopathic solution. You need to take a lead and learn about the benefit of homeopathy, as you are going to be treated, and you need to recover!

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