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  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Vitiligo Curability Test

    Check your chances of cure, based on
    Dr Shah's 32+years experience.

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Tired of Cortisone cream for Vitiligo?

    Our treatment for VITILIGO is extremely effective.
    Leucoderma is caused either due to destruction of
    melanin (pigment) or its retarded production.

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Bilateral Symmetrical type responding to homeopathy

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    5 things Vitiligo patients should know:

    * It is not serious
    * It is partly curable and controllable
    * It does not spread by touch
    * Avoid sour food, fish
    * Homeopathy is a choice of treatment
    Based on study of 6000 cases

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    A Book on Vitiligo by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD

    Who has treated over 6000 patients of
    vitiligo from 180+ countries

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    If your child has vitiligo, read Dr Shah's
    message for parents..

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Vitiligo is not a serious disease,
    but it requires expertise to treat.

    At Life Force, we have treated over 6000 cases from 180 countries.
    Ethics, Experience, Expertise

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Vitiligo is one of the most benign autoimmune diseases, treatable to some extent, manageable to great extent.

    This website is based on Dr Shah’s experience with over 7000 cases of Vitiligo from 180+ countries.

  • Vitiligo Treatment

    Check Case-studies of patients treated at Life Force

    We have been able to help patients
    of Vitiligo during various stages
    Experience, Expertise, Ethics

  • Vitiligo Treatment
curability test stamp

The Vitiligo Curability Test

Find out the chances of Curability to your problem

The Vitiligo curability test is an on-line test to suggest a possibility of help with homeopathy.

The criteria for the test in the form of a series of simple questions, have been determined to suggest the chances of improvement with regard to the Asthma.

Dr Shah's experience with Vitiligo

Vitiligo treatment requires experience. Vitiligo treatment is better understood by those who have treated at least 200 cases of vitiligo. At Life Force, Dr Shah is vitiligo expert having experience of vitiligo treatment of over 9300+ cases. Let your case be assessed by our team of vitiligo doctors who will opine for free on your vitiligo treatment.

Must Read

Vitiligo is a multi-causal, multi-factorial disorder. Usually, it is caused by genetic, immunological and hormonal factors, often triggered by stress, food or external agents. A detail evaluation is required before planning the treatment for vitiligo. 


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Dr. Shah's Advice

You have to understand that the chances of recovery or repigmentation in the case of Vitiligo depend on several factors. Based on our extensive study and research, we would like to share some of our observations with you. Conduct a free online test to check your chances of improvement. 


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Today's Tips

The success in vitiligo treatment depends on many factors such as its cause, spread, extent, location, previous and current treatment, and more. 

We have developed an online tool to check the chances of success using homeopathy. Please try this do-it-yourself tool now!


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What our Vitiligo patients say

Some patients sharing their experiences at Life Force

Very Good! I satisfied with the treatment of my daughter since last Oct 2018 on Vitiligo. Life Force is taking almost care for treating the patient by forwarding question for getting feedback time to time and send medicine accordingly 

Ms N Choudhury, Shillong, Meghalaya

I am Vitiligo patient. Recovering very fast by Life Force Medicines. Doctors are giving good Advice and good response to patient. Medicines are coming on time by courier at Home.

Vaishali M Doshi, Vile Parle(W), Mumbai, Maharashtra