If you can make lines by rubbing your
skin it is called Dermatographism,
which is a severe form of Urticaria.

It is curable.

Why is that your doctors did not suggest you homeopathy for your Chronic Urticaria?

Simply due to lack of training in homeopathy.

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And you thought, taking Anti-histamines for a couple of years will cure your urticaria?

Think thrice!

Aren't you tired of anti-allergics for Urticaria?

Our treatment for Urticaria (hives) is extremely effective.
Life Force Homeopathy

Urticaria Curability Test

Check your chances of cure, based on Dr Shah's 32+years experience.
We have treated over 4000 cases of urticaria

Urticaria can be due to allergy or without allergy.

Chronic urticaria is always due to Immune irregularities.
Homeopathy aims at fixing immunity problem at root level.

Homeopathy may be slightly slow

But, it is worth waiting for deeper and lasting recovery

Altered immune functions make you develop Urticaria.

Homeopathy works by correcting immune functions.

Hundreds of patients could stop anti-histamines

 after starting homeopathic treatment at Life Force.

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100% Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with the treatment after taking it for six weeks, you can return the medicine bottle with unused tablets to our office in India.

Dr. Shah's Homeopathy

Life Force is the world’s first ISO 9001:2008 certified homeopathic clinic with an attached research wing. We have been practicing ISO modalities since 2002, which has made our system much more quality conscious than most others in the world, in the homeopathic practice category.




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Years of experience

Dr Shah's experience with Urticaria

Urticaria or hives, can be allergic or also non-allergic disease. For chronic and recurring Urticaria, you need homeopathy. After all, for how long will you keep taking antihistamines? At Life Force, Dr Shah is Urticaria expert having experience of Urticaria treatment of over 2700 cases.

Our treatment has helped patients in 180 countries.

Research and Homeopathy

Life Force is committed to develop the best world standards in homeopathic practice and make them available to our patients. Enhancing the potential of homeopathy by research, and bring benefits to people across the globe. Scientific research is an ongoing process and a way of life at Life Force.

The patients with difficult diseases posed the challenge and encouraged Dr. Shah to pursue research in different areas of homeopathy to find better solutions. The results improved. However, it must be noted that chronic diseases present with complexities. And, research is an ongoing process that helps us keep improving the results.

Dr. Rajesh Shah's Expertise

Dr. Shah presents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. His huge practice supported by clinical research-based data, statistics, and scientific documentation, makes it unique in the homeopathic world. He not only presents the 'new face' of modern homeopathy; but also responsible for the new 'phase' in homeopathy.

He has worked on many new therapeutic molecules; some of them have been granted patents while some of them are international patent pending. He is a Hardcore Researcher + Clinician + Teacher + Promoter of Homeopathy. His huge practice supported by clinical research-based data, statistics, and scientific documentation.

The Urticaria Curability Test

The Urticaria curability test is an on-line test to suggest a possibility of help with homeopathy. The criteria for the test in the form of a series of simple questions, have been determined to suggest the chances of improvement with regard to the Asthma.

Please select best possible options from this set of questions.

1 Duration of Urticaria - Since how long do you have Urticaria? When was the first patch of Urticaria observed?