Dr. Rajesh Shah has treated patients from
every state and city in the United States,
from every European, Asian and African country.

An overwhelming experience, indeed.


Mother of Aayush S. S., India

My son Aayush has been suffering with lichen planus for 2 years. But thanks to Dr Rajesh Shah, my son's lichen planus has been cured and his skin condition is back to normal. According to Dr Shah, he does not need further treatment. The despatch system has been fool proof and meticulous and Dr Shah has been responsible for easing the discomfort of my child. God Bless Dr Shah!! I will surely recommend anyone to Dr Shah.

D. D., Kuwait

Good improvement. The frequency of headaches has reduced by 20%. My migraine is a lot better.


The psoriasis was on my right heel, both toes, my thumbs and had started to show up on my palm. Now psoriasis is only on my right heel and it is not very bad, but I still have it. Psoriasis is just so much less of a nuisance than it was, before your treatment began. Thank you!

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