Dr. Rajesh Shah has treated patients from
every state and city in the United States,
from every European, Asian and African country.

An overwhelming experience, indeed.

“I have a rare privilege of treating all kinds of Americans from every corner of the US, including the past President’s family, Hollywood stars, scientists, university professors, and the like.”

- Dr Rajesh Shah


V. S., Singapore

There is 50% improvement. Previously I used to avoid cold drinks, juices and ice creams as I used to immediately get blocked nose, runny nose and cold symptoms on having them. But now I can take cold drinks, juices and ice creams. Cold symptoms are less. I think my sinus problem has stopped spreading but still not completely cured. I often have the symptoms everyday intermittently, but the frequency of colds has reduced and the severity has come down considerably. The runny nose remains for sometime and then disappears.

A. B., USA

The normal color is back on the face, it has improved almost 75% from the begining. The big patch on the left side of the head above the ear is still the same..because of hair can't really say if it has reduced or not.. Overall its been improving. Sometimes some places on the face get lighter..do not become fully white

M. W., USA

I have improved drastically. The severe itching that I suffered from on my back and buttock has decreased about 90%. The sores on the back are no longer inflammed and red. They are now turning dark grey to black but still raised (not flat). My arms are also no longer itching as much and neither are my breast or abdomen. The advancement of the disease has slowed down but it hasn't stopped. I now have more severe itching around my feet and ankles and a little on my legs. The sores however are not red, most are little bumps that are the same color as my skin. A few are gray, dry and flakey where I often can peal off a top layer of ashy skin from the sore. Those are not getting bigger but they do continue to itch from time to time. The itching on my legs, feet and ankles are not ongoing but occurs about 25 to 50% of the day.

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