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D. K., India

There have been no relapses since we started with your treatment. My son is doing extremly fine. My heartiest thank you to Dr Shah.

A. A., India

My daughter (Patient Identification Number: L-16060) had a episode of Urticaria 4 months back which settled with Allopathic medicines within seven days. Again she developed Urticaria since last 4-5 days and was put on the conventional treatment but there was no change and I couldn’t see her in the pain and the discomfort. I read about the effective treatment for Urticaria at Dr Shah’s site and started with the online treatment. She started responding to the treatment, however when ever we tried to reduce her Anti allergic medications, the situation became very bad for her, she would have severe flare up of the hives. We were made to understand that her Urticaria is of chronic origin and we were counseled to keep patience. Finally it has paid off as within 8 months there has been very good response and we have been able to stop the Antihistamine completely. There is no flare up in her hives and it appears that now she has got rid of the Urticaria completely.

A V. R. India

My son had weight loss, stomach pain, cold and cough. He was not eating well. After the treatment he has gained weight. He eats well. He does not get cold and cough very often. He is doing fine now. This treatment is very good. The doctors are very good. Truly this has been a great experience. My wife is also a patient and treated well by the doctors. My wife is also cured and doing fine. In fact I have recommended the treatment to all my friends who needed help.


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