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    Asthmatic child with aggressive behaviour recovered totally from asthma and needed no more inhalers

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    Miss Siddhika S.S PIN Number L-9961, a seven years old, sober looking girl registered for her complaints of asthmatic bronchitis. She had come with her father, mother and younger brother.

    All four started treatment for various complaints.
    Miss Siddhika was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis since the past 4 years.

    She had more frequent and severe episodes since the last one year. She would complain of cold, cough, followed by breathlessness. Each episode would last for twenty to twenty-five days. The cough would be more at night.

    She also complained of pain in the abdomen and constipation and acidity and headaches.
    She was lean and had difficulty gaining weight. Her examination revealed swollen tonsils.
    She belonged to a very well off but illiterate family. Her father and mother were of irritable temperament.

    They would abuse the children and hit then for trivial matters. At the same time, they would pamper them with very expensive gifts.

    She was of sensitive nature; she would feel hurt on scolded. Her brother was also of aggressive nature, he would react in a retaliatory fashion whenever his parents would shout at him.
    He has broken several mobile phones and once he has broken the TV set, his father added laughingly.
    However, Siddhika was of a different temperament, she would feel intensely hurt and would remain silent for a long time when scolded.

    She would keep things in her heart for a long time.
    She would never express herself to her parents, She would weep silently.

    She was a fussy eater and had an aversion for milk.
    She was thermally hot, she liked the winter season.
    She was good in drawing and painting.

    Dr. Shah studied her case details and prescribed Magnesium Muriaticum 200 C and Antimonium tartaricum1M as per indications; along with some research based medicine, as per well defined treatment plan.

    The child had a very good recovery. The asthmatic attacks became history. In the last one year of treatment, she has not experienced a single major attack.
    She had mild episodes of tonsillitis and cold, but there were no episodes of lower respiratory tract involvement.

    She was advised to refrain from eating cold food, ice creams and cold drinks, but her father said laughingly that she eats ice every day.

    There was very good improvement in her acidity, headaches, and constipation.
    She gained some weight and looked more confident.

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