Case-2: My writers cramp is relieved and I am happy now

    A patient Mr. NKS, consulted Dr Rajesh Shah for his complaints of chronic and severe writers cramps

    He was suffering from Writers cramp from several years. He consulted with a Neurophysician who diagnosed him as writer's cramp and focal dystonia (Task specific dysfunction only at the time of writing)

    He was advised to take medicines of various kinds, with no relief. He had taken anti Parkinson drugs, antidepressants, Anxiolytics, multivitamins etc, with no relief.

    Finally he was suggested Botox shots.

    He took 25 units of Botox in his right hand nerves through EMG machine. He took another 92 units of Botox injection along with some latest muscle relaxants and anti-rigidity medication, but he did not any relief from writer's cramp

    His complaints started with problem of illegible handwriting, pain in hand. He could not hold the pen for long.

    His speed of writing was very slow.

    He could not write for more than three or four line and after that he had to write with force.

    Mostly he was doing all his office work on computer and he wrote all notes on computer.

    There was no other problem with his right hand except in writing. He could type at fast speed and could do any type of work, he could lift heavy goods.

    Due to trouble with writing he had lost his job several times and colleagues would laugh at him when he attempted to write, so he lost confidence. Being a very rare disease, people were not aware that such a disease existed, and they made fun of him.

    This led to severe anxiety and stress, leading to sleeplessness and depression.

    He is a charted accountant by profession. He had poor hand writing since childhood, but it was never identified as writer's cramps. He had experienced tremors in his hands also.

    He was obese ….. a result of antidepressants.

    He had a craving for sweets. He disliked meat and fish. He is more tolerant to heat, and requires a air conditioner.

    He stays with his wife, son and mother. He is a senior manager and has to put at least ten hours in job every day. He was very sad and depressed due to his illness.

    Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed Causticum 200 C in frequent repetition.

    With 6 months of treatment, there was considerable improvement.

    Patient reported 80% improvement. He wrote, "now I can write well from my right hands and writing is also legible and good"

    There is 80% improvement in my disease writers cramp, My writers cramp is relieved and I am happy now.

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    A patient named Mr. NKS consulted Dr. Rajesh Shah for his complaints of chronic and severe Writer’s cramp. He was suffering from Writer’s cramp for several years. He consulted with a Neuro physician who diagnosed him of having a Writer’s cramp and focal dystonia (Task-specific d.....Read more

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