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Anxiety Neurosis: Frequently Asked Questions

QMy Physician has told that I am suffering from Anxiety Neurosis. What is Anxiety Neurosis / Is my behavior abnormal?

Anxiety is also called as feeling of alarm or “worry”. In Psychology it is also known as Stress. This anxiety can be normal and help to improve our performance. This anxiety lasts till the duration of the stress factor only. When this anxiety is prolonged hampering one’s Physical, mental, social functioning then it becomes abnormal and may diagnosed as Anxiety disorder.
The anxiety can be related to something specific (exam, stage performance) or not specific.

QHow common is Anxiety disorder?

One in 68 people i.e. 1.45 % people suffer from various types Anxiety disorder. It is according to the recent study conducted by World Health Organization published in ICD 10 (International Classification of disease).

QWhy am I suffering from Anxiety Disorder?

It can be because of various factors

  • Genetics and heredity – This disease may run into family.
  • Chemical imbalances in the brain – After trauma or nutrition related.
  • Personality types – Some person may have a disposition for Anxiety.
  • Social factors – May be social injustice, unemployment etc
  • Medical conditions – Related to chronic disease.
  • Drugs and other substances – Can be side effect of certain conventional medicine or intoxicating drugs like cannabis, charas, ganja, afeen, etc
QAre there any stages or types of this disease?/ What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

The symptoms of Anxiety disorder vary according to the types of it. Overall the symptoms of Anxiety disorder ranges from simple nervousness to life threatening bouts of terror attacks. Various types of anxiety, triggers, and their symptoms are,

Type of anxiety disorder Reason or causative factors Sign and symptoms
Acute anxiety disorder Stressful incidence in life Nervousness, Fear, Weakness of memory, Irritability, difficulty in concentration, Disturbed sleep, Helplessness etc.
Anxiety due to medical causes Any Chronic disease (may or may not be life threatening) E.g. Diabetes, High BP, Asthma, TB, Thyroid, skin disease etc Nervousness, Fear of death, Weakness of memory, Irritability, difficulty in concentration, Disturbed sleep, Helplessness etc.
Specific Phobia (Fear) Height, darkness, water etc Excessive persistent irrational fear, Patient tries to avoid that specific thing any how.
Social phobia Social meetings Fear of crowd, Fear of negative evaluation Inferiority, suffocation etc
Post-traumatic stress disorder Frightening or traumatic event (It may lasts for 3 months to years together) Fear of same thing to repeat. Restriction in activity. Sleep disturbances, depression, feeling detached or numb easy startling are commonly experienced. Often there are feelings of loss of pleasure or interest in previously enjoyable activities
Panic disorder Stressful event in life Chest Pains, Pounding Heart, Fear of dying, Sweating, Shortness of breath or a feeling of smothering or choking, Shaking or trembling, Feelings of unreality, Tingling or numbing, Nausea or stomach problems, Flushes or chills
Generalized anxiety disorders Trifles like daily work, study, performance, events etc Restlessness Irritability Difficulty in concentrating Sleep disturbances (difficulty in falling asleep, frequent waking in the middle) Easy fatigue
Obsessive compulsive disorder Any object (e.g rubber bands,) or feeling (being unhygienic) Obsession and compulsion Patient is thoroughly occupied (obsessed) with one thought and cant control himself from doing that (compulsion) e. continuous hand wash, checking locks, collecting rubber bands etc
Substance induced anxiety disorders Some conventional medicines like sleeping pills, pain killers. And others like coccain, caffeine, charas etc Nervousness, loss of interest, sleeplessness, excessive sleep, numbness, decreased intellect etc
QIs there any investigation for anxiety disorder?

Anxiety Neurosis is generally diagnosed clinically i.e. on the basis of signs and symptoms. There are no blood investigations for anxiety neurosis.

QWhat are the treatments available in medical world?

- Conventional medicines - Anti anxiety medicines, Anti-depressent, Sleeping pills, etc.
- Homeopathic treatment – Anxiety neurosis can be effectively treated with Homeopathic medicines. Medicines are given after studying patient's mind and body in detail
- Psychotherapy which includes counseling, Behavioral therapy, Relaxation etc. 

QMy doctor has given me anti-anxiety medicines along with some sleeping pills, but I feel drowsy, depressed and numb emotionally. Why this is happening to me?

Antidepressants or anxiolytics generally work by blocking emotional responses unlike homeopathic remedies. Dependence on allopathic medicines builds up quickly, and once a course of antidepressants has begun, it is often a step down a long, slippery slope to dependency.

QI am taking conventional medicines since long but now I want to start Homeopathic also. Can these be taken together?

Yes, initially these can be. Because one can not stop conventional medicines abruptly as suddenly stopping them may lead to withdrawal symptoms. With homeopathic medicines, the need for conventional anti-anxiety medicines will reduce and you may be able to even taper it to stop it eventually. These medicines are absolutely safe and without side effects. Psychotherapy can also be continued as a supportive line of treatment.

QHow Homeopathy can help me?

Using homeopathy we aim at reliving your anxiety state, panic attacks, and help to give you a sense of well being and adequate sleep. Homeopathy has recognized the influence of emotions and stress at the base of various bodily diseases and has gentle and effective medicines to influence psyche (mind) of the person positively. Perhaps no other system of medicine includes mind and body for prescription basis.

QWhy shall I go for Dr Rajesh Shah's treatment?

Dr Shah has worked over 25 years on various chronic diseases including Anxiety disorders and his patients in 127 countries have been benefited with very good and consistent results.

Dr Rajesh Shah's treatment entails his research based medicines which have international Patents, which work amazingly when prescribed either stand alone or in association with the conventional medicines.

QWhat will be the duration of Homeopathic treatment?

The duration of Homeopathic treatment depends upon the severity, intensity, duration of anxiety disorder. It also depends upon the associated complaints like obsessive traits, panic attacks and level of dependency on conventional treatment.

QMay I have some patients reference who have already got treated effectively with Homeopathy?

Sure, you can login on our website exclusively dedicated to Anxiety Neurosis and follow the link given below, Please examine case studies of Anxiety neurosis at our site:

Case Studies

For testimonials refer: Testimonials 

QWell I am convinced that Homeopathy can effectively treat Anxiety disorder. How can I start the treatment?

At Life Force, Dr Shah treats patients from across the world. Patients directly visit us in Chembur or Borivali clinic or many of Overseas patients are able to get treated online, without even visiting our center.

Easy steps to online treatment: 
1) Visit following page and sign up online: Online
2) Soon on signing up, you will receive an automated mail with Log in and Password, along with PIN (Patient Identification Number). 
3) Using the log in info, you can log in to fill up the questionnaire about your disease (and can send photos) 
4) Dr Shah will personally study your case and your medicine will be home delivered anywhere in the world. Subsequently, you can keep in touch time to time for further medicines. 

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