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A. F., USA

There is 50 percent improvement in the colitis. The disease has slowed down.

R.V., NSW, Australia

I am undergoing treatment from you for my thyroid problem. My migraine attack has reduced and comes once every 5-6 weeks. It always starts on the left side. Since commencing with your medicine I feel less lethargic. R.V., NSW, Australia

J. L., UAE

I had recurrent mouth ulcer which I kept neglecting. One fine day I was affected with Orchitis (swelling of the testis) and was started with heavy painkillers and antibiotics for it for a long time. After this treatment the Mouth ulcers became chronic and now there were whitish streaks in the inside of my mouth. There was severe burning sensation and I couldn’t take any spicy and hot food as that caused heat sensation in my mouth. On showing to a dermat Dr I was said that I have Oral LP, which was caused due to the over use of heavy painkillers. I had stopped taking the painkillers but there was no change in my Oral LP. On starting with treatment from Dr. Shah`s Life Force Center, within 4 months, I have responded very well to the treatment. There is 40-50 % improvement in my Oral LP, the white streaks also showed good change. The burning sensation has reduced. I am able to take spicy and hot food now without much discomfort.


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