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Chalazion Medicines

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Research based homeopathy medicines by Dr Shah

Important note:
Every case calls for the detailed study of the patient individually. There are no disease-specific medicines in homeopathy. The exact treatment is determined only by "in-depth" evaluation of the individual case. The medicines described below are commonly indicated in Lichen Planus, only for the purpose of information. The readers are advised not to indulge in any kind of self-medication.

This is a wonderful deep acting remedy prepared from the seeds of a plant commonly known as Stavesacre. It has a profound action on all the systems of the body and predominantly affects the nervous system, genito-urinary system, and skin. The marked affection of the mind is also seen.

Staphysagria, which has a broad spectrum of action, is useful for a wide range of disease processes. There are hundreds of indications of this medicine enlisted in our Materia Medica. Here follow the indications in brief:

Staphysagria positively influences the brain, mind, stomach and bowels, lungs, skin, genito-urinary system, bones and joints, teeth etc. It is one of the most frequently used medicines for recurrent styes and chalazion, lichen planus, vitiligo, eczema, urticaria, herpes, warts, hair loss, tonsillitis, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. It is an effective medicine for a toothache, prostate gland complaints, etc.

In general a good remedy for nervous affections and for the ill effects of anger insults injury, and for highly sensitive states.

Pulsatilla nigra:
This drug is prepared from a plant called as windflower. It is known as the weather-cock amongst homeopathic remedies due to the changeability of symptoms seen in this drug.

Pulsatilla is a deep acting constitutional remedy affecting multiple systems of the body and having a varied presentation of symptoms. It is in the true sense a polychrest remedy, which has a broad spectrum of action, useful for a wide range of disease processes. It is one such remedy, which is useful for acute as well as chronic complaints.

Pulsatilla positively influences the mind, respiratory system, reproductive system, gastrointestinal tract, veins, skin, eyes, urinary tract, etc. It is one of the frequently used medicines for complaints of recurrent styes and chalazion, asthma, urticaria, lichen planus, vitiligo, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. It is one of the best remedies for gynecological and pregnancy-related complaints.

It is one of the splendid acts of homeopathy that substances labeled as inert can also be used effectively to treat a large variety of disorders. Silica is the example of one such substance, which is chemically inert in its natural form, but after undergoing the process of potentization it gets transformed into a wonderful, deep acting remedy. Silica is in a true sense called as polychrest remedy as it has a broad spectrum of action, useful for a wide range of disease processes. In fact, this remedy has helped Homoeopaths world over to treat so-called surgical conditions gently without requiring the knife.

Silica positively influences bones and joints, mucous membranes, skin, cellular tissue, nerves, glands, lungs, digestive system, etc. Silica is one of the frequently used medicines for complaints of styes, chalazion, vitiligo, eczema, lichen planus, herpes, urticaria, asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, trigeminal neuralgia, complaints of nails, tonsillitis, etc.

Patients requiring silica usually have the tendency of easy suppuration of skin injuries. Silica positively influences nutrition as well and hence its one of the prominent remedies used for rickets in children.

This is a remedy prepared from the juice of a plant called poison hemlock. It is a deep acting constitutional remedy having a profound action on the nervous system, muscles, glands, female reproductive system, eyes, urinary system, and mind. It has a wide spectrum of action and has even proven to be of use in cancerous conditions. It has a tendency to develop induration of tissues and new growths.

Conium is one of the frequently used remedies for styes and chalazia which have a tendency to become stony hard over a period of time. Thus it's more indicated in those cases of chalazion where the complaints have been chronic and long-standing. It is also a wonderful remedy for paresis and paralytic conditions, stony indurations, vertigo, headaches, urinary troubles, etc.

Its indeed one of the wonders of homeopathy that even the substance from a tubercular abscess can be transformed into a wonderful remedy such as Tuberculinum. It must be borne in mind that the remedy does not contain any part of the original drug substance in its material form but it contains only the dynamic powers of the drug which are brought forth by the process of potentization. Tuberculinum is a deep acting remedy which has a wide sphere of action. It positively influences multiple systems of the body such as respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, nervous system, reproductive system, skin, eyes, mind, glands, larynx, etc.

It's frequently prescribed in cases of asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, lymphadenitis, recurrent styes and chalazion, chronic eczema, renal affections, chronic cystitis, arthritis, epilepsy, etc.

Graphites is a wonderful deep acting constitutional remedy prepared from black lead (mineral carbon). It's truly a good example of one of the splendid acts of homeopathy that an inert substance like this can be transformed into a remedy having such a wide sphere of action.

Graphites positively influence the glandular tissues, skin, nutrition, circulation, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive system, mind, etc.

Its one of the commonly indicated remedies for chalazion, styes, eczema, callosities, fissures, ulcerations, dyspepsia, chronic constipation, obesity, menstrual complaints, etc.

Few of its common indications are:
Eye- recurrent styes, conjunctivitis. Red and swollen eyelids with much dryness. Also a good drug for Blepharitis and Keratitis. Patient experiences photophobia that is worse in sunlight. It's also a very good remedy for eruptions on lids that become hard over a period of time.

Mercurius solubilis:
As the name suggests, this drug is prepared by the potentization of mercury. This is a deep acting remedy and it positively influences multiple systems of the body. It acts profoundly on the glands, blood, bones, skin, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive systems, respiratory organs, nerves, etc. Mercurius is one of the commonly indicated remedies for styes, chalazion, conjunctivitis, acute as well as chronic, recurrent tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colds, fevers; skin complaints like abscesses, bullae, etc. It's also a very good drug for nervous affections like tremors, paretic and paralytic conditions, etc.

Few of its common indications (in the affection of eyes) are:

Thick, red and swollen eyelids. Profuse acrid discharge from the eyes that causes much burning. Profuse lachrymation and photophobia that is worse from heat and glare.

Calcarea fluoricum:
This is a drug that is prepared by the potentization of fluorspar. This remedy has curative effects on the affections of the musculoskeletal system, vascular system, glands, skin, eyes, teeth, etc. It is commonly used for the treatment of Chalazion, Arthritis, Cataract, Cholelithiasis, Exostosis, Scoliosis, Thyroid nodules, Uterine fibroids, etc. characteristic features of the swellings in such patients are stony hardness and indurations. Indurations threatening suppuration. Glands enlarge and become stony hard. Especially useful if the patient has had a chalazion for a very long time and has hardened due to the same.

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