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Hepatitis C Complications

Hepatitis C is a chronic infection, it has certain long-term complications. About 80% or more patients tend to develop chronic symptoms due to recurring or chronic liver inflammation. Many of the HCV infected patients suffer from recurring acute liver inflammation (acute hepatitis). About 10% patients develop cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, leading to diminished liver functions, within early 10 years. 25% of the patients develop cirrhosis eventually. About 5% of those infected may develop liver cancer.

Broadly, it may be noted that it takes one decade to develop early symptoms, about two decades to have cirrhosis, and above three decades to have cancer of the liver.

Liver cancer is a fatal condition.

The factors which could aggravate and influence early development of liver inflammation, cirrhosis, and cancer, are:

(1.) Alcohol (2.) Smoking (3.) Liver toxic drugs (4.) Exposure to chemicals (5.) Stressful lifestyle (6.) Hepatitis B infection (7.) Hereditary tendency to cirrhosis or cancer

Hepatitis C and associated disease conditions:

Hepatitis C and Lichen Planus:

The exact connection between the two has not been understood very well. However, the studies indicate that Lichen Planus is associated with Hepatitis C in several cases.

Hepatitis C is often found to be associated with Diabetes Mellitus. Patients with Hepatitis C have increased proneness to develop diabetes.

Certain studies have shown Thyroid dysfunctions (Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism) associated with Hepatitis C.

What will affect the future of Hepatitis C patients:

Females are known to have slow disease progression as compared to the male patients. Late age onset (after 40 years of age) of Hepatitis C tends to run the serious course of diseases than the younger age group patients. Consumption of alcohol can increase the risk factor several folds once the diagnosis of Hepatitis C is made, as alcohol has a toxic action on the liver which can aggravate the scarring (cirrhosis) of the liver.

Chronic sufferers after 20 to 25 years stand increased the risk to develop Liver cancer, which is observed more in males, with increased risk in higher (older) age group.

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