Hepatitis C and its homeopathic treatment:

Hepatitis C is a difficult viral infection. It has a tendency to stay in the body for years. The conventional treatment using interferon is effective in about half of the cases. That too, there are chances of relapse. And, many adverse effects. Again, those patients who have cirrhosis of the liver, cannot be prescribed interferon.

We have made some clinical studies using homeopathic treatment. Our treatment protocol has helped many patients in a significant way. The documented clinical studies have proved that homeopathy works in reducing the viral count of Hep C patients in many patients (not all).

You may opt for homeopathy, for

  • Freshly detected case
  • Relapse after success with interferon
  • Failure with interferon
  • Cirrhosis of liver

It works and it is online:

Scientifically documented, patented homeopathic medicines supported by excellent service and support, made available online. Ask Dr Shah's team of doctors if you have questions.

Who we are

Amongst the most leading homeopathic clinics in the world, operating from Mumbai, India.

We are currently treating patients from 180 countries (2019)

Under the care of Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D. has an experience of 25 years and expertise in treating over 145 cases of Hepatitis C.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified clinic with a research wing, having patent medicines for Hepatitis C.

Check the library of documented case studies.

How we help

We have been offering our online treatment for Hepatitis C through the internet, since 1995.

What you get

You get the best of homeopathic treatment, which is:
- Experience-based (28 years)
- Research-proven
- Expertise based (180+ cases treated)
- Anywhere in the world, no need to travel

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Hepatitis C Case Studies

A 22-year-old male patient, Mr. N.Z. (PIN: 37831) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 29th August 2018. The patient was accidentally diagnosed with Hepatitis C. And, he was asymptomatic.
The patient’s reports on 24th August 2018 were as below.
REPORTS: Anti HCV (24.8.18) - 2.12Read more

46-years-old male patient Mr. N. S reported to the clinic with complaints of Hepatitis C that he was suffering since 1 year. He had complaints of legs pain, calf pain, and neck & left shou.....Read more

Forty-year-old male from Kolkata, Mr. P.M. (Patient Identification No: 21557) visited Life Force on 29th August 2013 for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C genotype 1 one month before. His viral load (HCV RNA) report dated 30th July 2013 was 754105 IU/ml. He.....Read more

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