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Hepatitis C: Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a viral infection which enters our body through blood source, either through infected syringe (injection), blood transfusion, tattooing, or surgery. The name of the virus is called Hepatitis C virus. It is also called Hep C.

QWhat are the causes of Hepatitis C?

As said earlier, Hepatitis C is caused by a virus called Hepatitis C virus. It enters our system through one of the following modes:
a. Blood transfusion
b. Surgery
c. Dialysis for kidney disease
d. Tattoos
e. Infected syringe 
f. Sexual intercourse with infected partner
Screening of blood for Hepatitis C virus used for blood transfusion was not mandatory before the year 1994, in most countries. So, many of the patients who had one of the above exposures are at risk of getting Hepatitis C. They need to be screened to rule our Hepatitis C.

For more information on Hepatitis C, please Click here

QDoes Hep C spread by touch?


QI have been diagnosed as Hepatitis C. Are my family members at risk?

Hepatitis C does not spread by touch, cough or sneeze. There is a debate about its spread by saliva. If you are a mother and if you have probably contracted Hep C virus before your child birth, it is better that you
Get your child/children screened for Hep C. It is also suggested that you get your sex partner screened for Hep C virus.

QWhat is the test to check if I or my family members have Hep C?

There is a simple qualitative test for Hep C, which can be conducted by any regular laboratory for a small price equivalent to about one dollar, in most countries.
It is always wiser to get screed if you are at risk. Please check this link to make an assessment for Hepatitis C infection

QCan children have Hepatitis C?


QI have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. But, I do not have any symptoms or discomfort. When will have symptoms?

Well, the hepatitis C virus is a slow growing virus. It takes ten to twenty five years to produce changes in the body to show symptoms. If there is a history of surgery or dialysis, count this period from that year.

QWhat are the symptoms of Hepatitis C?

Most cases may not show any symptom for ten to twenty five years. Symptoms start appearing once the virus quantum in the body is adequate to bring about chonic inflammation in liver. Please check this link to examine Symptoms of Hepatitis C

QHow is the diagnosis of Hepatitis C made?

There are a few types of tests in connection with Hepatitis C.
a. Qualitative test: This is a blood test which determines if one has Hep C virus infection. This test can be done by regular lab at small cost.
b. Quantitative test: This test determines the quantum of virus, its approximate number, in the blood. This test is done at special labs and it is expensive. (About USD 150 in most countries.)
c. Genotyping: This test determines the type of virus
d. Other Liver Function tests 

Your doctor will decide the range of tests depending on the stage of infection.

QWhat is the target in the treatment for Hepatitis C?

The treatment for Hepatitis C entails:
a. Treatment against the Hep C virus
b. Treatment for aftereffects of Hep C virus

QWhat is the conventional treatment for Hepatitis C ?:

Conventionally, the treatment entails the combination of Interferon alpha and antiviral ribavirin which is prescribed for about for to six to twelve months. The success rate varies from patient to patient as well as on the Genotype of Hep C virus. The treatment is effective in 15 to 50% cases, with some changes of recurrence. Another downside is its adverse effect and prohibitive cost.

QWhat are the adverse effects of Interferon?

Interferon has several adverse effects. Please click here to study the adverse effects of interferon.

QHomeopathic treatment for Hepatitis C:

We at, Life force, have been working on Hep C using homeopathic medicines since 2000. We have documented promising results in about 60% of cases. All these cases have been documented. It is very effective, safe, free from side effects and cost effective as well. Please read this link for more information: Click here

However, we do not claim 100% success rate in the treatment of Hep C.

QYou are claiming on your website that Hepatitis C finds excellent results using homeopathy/ But, my doctors in the US are not suggesting me homeopathy. Why?

Unfortunately, all doctors in the world are not trained about the homeopathic science. Unfortunately, some of the conventional doctors are not able to see anything beyond what they have been trained. The trend is changing, though. You are suggested to recommend your doctors to examine this website, check documented reports and talk to Dr Shah, if there are questions. At Life Force, we have documented over 350 cases of Hepatitis C. Also, there is an ongoing research in clinical trial for Hep C using homeopathy, at Life Force. Ask you doctors to visit the web site and talk to me directly if they have questions.

QHow does homeopathic medicine work for Hepatitis C?

We do not know exactly how it works. We have been able to document using objective parameters that it works. It is understood that the homeopathic medicines are likely to trigger certain specific immune response which in turn stimulate immune cells responsible for destroying the virus from blood stream.

QHow much time does the treatment take to cure?

The length of time to treat Hepatitis C using homeopathy depends on the following factors:
a. Duration of Hep C virus in body 
b. Viral load 
c. Damage which has already taken such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, etc.
d. Resistance to the conventional medication 
e. Associated disease and general health of the patient. 

Our experience says that most patients observe reduction viral load in about four months. The treatment may require to be continue for one year or longer. The exact protocol is still not fully established.

QWhat are the commonly used homeopathic medicines for Hep C?

The homeopathic medicines are selected on the ground of individual case study and analysis. Some of the commonly used medicines are sources from herbs, minerals, chemical, animal products, etc. Some of the names are: Lycopodium clavatum, Chelidonium, Phosphorus, Kali carbonicum, Nux vomica, etc. At Life Force, we have some research based new molecules in use for Hep C.

Description  on the above medicines can be found at Click here

QWhen do I start seeing improvement after starting homeopathy medicine?

As said earlier, most patients show reduction in viral load in about four months time. We recommend viral load study to be repeated every four months.

QWhat are the side effects of homeopathic medicines?

There are absolutely no side effects whatsoever with homeopathic medicines. They are safe for all age groups, including babies and pregnant mothers.

QIf I am on some other medications such as drugs for diabetes, hypertension, etc.; do I have to stop them while on homeopathy?

No. You can continue all other medicines for other diseases if you start with homeopathy. Homeopathy does not adversely interact with the conventional medicines.