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Hepatitis C: Who is at risk of getting Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C (Hep C) is an infectious disease which is caused by a virus, which is transmitted through blood route.

Following people and activities make one prone to contract risk:

a. Blood or blood component transfusion: Any blood (or its component) transfusion which is not screened specifically for Hepatitis C virus is amongst the greatest sources of infection. In most countries, the regulation is strict and the risk is minimized. However, if one has had some old blood transfusion over 10 years, one should better get checked for the virus in one's body.

b. Organ transplant: Same as above

c. Dialysis for kidney disease

d. Use of infected syringes for medicine shots (antibiotics, pain-killers, etc.), if taken in any part of the world, puts one at risk

e. Tattoos (Needle used in tattoos are likely to spread blood-borne infection from one client to another.)

f. Use of syringe for drugs (by drug addicts)

g. Exposure to Hep C infected blood by medical workers (doctors, nurses, lab technicians, ward staff, etc.)

h. Exposure to a sex partner who may have been infected with Hep C virus. It may be noted that the sexual route of Hep C infection could happen only if there is bleeding due to erosion in case of both partners. Several studies have indicated that sexual contact between partners is not a major source of Hep C infection, however, if there is a blood contact during sexual activity, the risk may be considered significant. Sexual contact during menstruation (in case of the infected female patient) gives a greater risk to the male partner. Anal sex poses a greater risk.

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