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Beautiful Recovery From Migraine At Life Force

A 19-year-old female patient (PIN: 38397) visited the branch of Life Force on 10th January 2019 with a Migraine issue which she was suffering for a couple of years. She was suffering from recurrent attacks of severe pain in the right side of her forehead. The patient was experiencing severe pain in the forehead with dizziness, dullness, sensitivity to the noise, light, stress, and being on an empty stomach. The pain was occasionally associated with watering eyes, nausea, and vomiting.

Dr. Shah evaluated the case in detail and prescribed medicines for the patient.

The patient was initially dependent on a heavy dosage of painkiller conventional medicines during acute episodes of the migraine attacks. Later on, after starting with the homeopathic treatment from Life Force, the duration and pain intensity of her each migraine episode reduced a lot as compared to earlier times.

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After following the homeopathic treatment for migraines for two months, the patient’s symptoms reduced by 30%. The intensity of the pain reduced, and the frequency of episodes had reduced remarkably. She was feeling much happy and confident. Only rarely she used conventional medicines, as the severe acute episodes of migraine during the last 2 months were very less as compared to earlier.

After taking homeopathic medicines for 6 months, her migraine pain and intensity along with episodes reduced by 75%. The patient completely stopped taking conventional treatments. She was quite happy and thankful to Dr. Shah.

And, after one year of homeopathic treatment, she rarely experienced any episodes of migraine attacks and, thereby recovered completely from migraine.


This case illustrates that homeopathy plays an important role in treating chronic migraines and provides the patient immediate, magical, and remarkable relief safely without any side-effects. Also, homeopathy helps the patient to get rid of the dependency on conventional medicines.

  • Written by Dr. Vinay R, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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