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J. D., India,

I, J. D. Pin number: 15863, was suffering from urticaria since last 6 months and would have hives almost daily and had to take Cetrizine (Antihistamine medications) almost daily. I would develop hives after taking food items like spinach, tomato, spices like red chilli and non veg food like eggs, chicken, meat, fishes and prawns. Fruits like oranges, grapes, pineapple, toor daal, curd and tangy foods triggered the Urticaria. My hives would get triggered before menses and with excessive sweating. It was affecting my routine life as I was not able to tolerate a lot of food items. The itching was so severe that it caused disturbance in the sleep. Within 6 months, there is about 90% of improvement in my hives, the frequency and intensity has reduced to a greater extent. Now the eruptions occur only if I eat the food items which are extra spicy, prawns and something tangy and tight clothing, other time there are no hives, only before menses, I still get it. I am able to tolerate a lot of other food items which in past caused the Urticaria. I was taking Cetrizine daily but now the dosage and the dependence has reduced with the treatment. I am still continuing the treatment but I am positive about being fully cured of the Urticaria and also being able to eat all other food items which were acting as a trigger factor in past.

S. S., India

I S.S, Pin no. 17135, Since last 5-6 yrs I was suffering from piles and constipation problem. I would have severe pain and burning sensation in the rectum, this was more on taking spicy food. The stools were hard and required straining. Within 2 months of starting Dr Shah`s treatment there is 75 % improvement in my condition. The response in my case has been very fast, which is a contradiction to the normal understanding that Homeopathy takes time to respond. The stools have become softer. I am very much convinced with the Dr. Shah's scientific approach towards Homeopathy.

Uploaded on 5th December 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

O. M., USA

Nephrotic syndrome has significantly improved. The urine protein reduced from 1.9g to 0.5g. Simvastatin treatment was stopped and Lisinopril was reduced to 10mg/day with the help of homeopathy.


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