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C. S. D., India.

It’s been almost 5 years that I (Pin no. L-15635) was suffering from Urticaria and was started on Antihistamines but nothing seemed to be helping me. I was on Antihistamine and now also started on steroids for it. The daily hives were frustrating and it was affecting my routine life, as I couldn’t even eat comfortably. Due to the urticaria I had to avoid taking non vegetarian food as that triggered the Urticaria. With Dr Shah’s medicines I have responded very well to the treatment. The frequency and the intensity of the Urticaria has reduced. There is no Angioedema and no swelling on the lips. Since the Urticaria is under control, my need for Antihistamine medications has also reduced. I am thankful to Dr Shah’s Life Force Homeopathy which has brought back a smile on my face by treating my Urticaria!

S. A., Pakistan

Medicine has stopped vitiligo for further spreading and the mark is also slowly disappearing. I would say in terms of percentage improvement is 75%.

Michael Camarillo, USA

Michael Camarillo, USA I want to thank you because since January 15,2011 I stoped taking Asacol 400 mg and all the other allopathic medicines I took in the past. The stools are normal and fine. Since January 15th 2011 I don`t take any of these I am sure you can imagine how much relief I feel because the doctors were waiting for my colon and intestines to get perforated, to replace my colon with an artificial plastic pipe. They also were waiting for cancer to develop. I no longer have anxiety, itching and hives in my hands arms, head, fingers, neck , feet, legs, swollen face sometimes , tired, I couldn’t sleep, the full toilet used to get filled with light and dark blood 3 to 4 times. All of these happened for approximately 8 years. Now that I feel better I forgot other discomforts that I used to have. Thank you very much for helping us, my wife, son and myself. After 6 months I repeated a colonoscopy, I wanted to update you about the same, Dr Shah I had no ulcers and no polyps (on January 14th, 2011 I stopped taking Asacol 400mg) and thanks to Dr. Shah`s real medicine my next colonoscopy will be in 3 years since my colitis improved tremendously. I started your treatment in March 2010. And I want to thank you for this great improvement in my ulcerative colitis and God for putting us in hands of a very valuable scientific physician like you. God bless you and take care of you and allow us and all the people around the world (we were told we had no cure) to receive very valuable help from you. Thank You.


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