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C. R. Desai, India

My name is Chandrakant Ramchandra Desai.I stay in Bhandup. Since the last five years, i was suffering from psoriasis on the palms and the soles. I tried creams and lotions prescribed by Dermatologists for around two years. On the contrary, the lesions increased.The disease affected both palms, soles and both feet. I became depressed and thought that this disease is incurable. I was ill treated in my job due to this disease. I silently tolerated everything. Then one day, I read Navakal newspaper and my life changed for ever. That paper carried an article written about Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis. It gave information about Dr. Rajesh Shah`s breakthrough research and success with Homeopathy. The same day, I contacted Dr Rajesh Shah. He examined me and treated me. He reassured me of a good recovery. Today I am 90 % better with his treatment. If I would not have met Dr Shah, I would have been in a miserable condition. I can affirm that if one takes Homeopathy regularly, one can get cured. I am a testimony to its magic.Click here to view original testimonial
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I, CNP, from the US (Pin O-18522) came with the Inability to pass urine and unable to relax the urethra while passing urine. I was diagnosed as having Atonic Bladder. I was facing difficulty in passing urine and had weak flow almost like passing urine in drops. Occasionally, I had to use the catheter in order to facilitate the urine flow. Last week, I could not pass even a drop, and then I had to use the catheter again. With 8 months of treatment, I have responded very well to this medicine. I have not used the catheter since I started Dr Shah’s medications. I am able to pass urine freely. Now and then I still have to urinate very frequently and the flow is weak but that is only occasionally. Thank you to Dr Shah`s medicines which helped in improving my Urinary flow.

Uploaded on 30th August 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

R. V. I., India

I RVI, from India, was suffering from Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis. Since last 20 years I was suffering from psoriasis, I had reddish patches all over the body. They were extensive and caused severe itching and scaling of the skin. I would always feel chilliness in my body and there was this constant feverish feeling. Despite a lot of Allopathic medicines like steroids, methotrexate and cyclosporine, there was only temporary relief. In fact I started developing severe swelling and stiffness in my joints involving the hands and was informed by my Dr that I was developing Psoriatic Arthritis, which is one of the complications of Psoriasis. Mentally I was shattered and frustrated as these strong Allopathic medicines failed to give me any significant relief. I was losing hope of ever having a healthy skin and a normal life. Within 5 months of starting Dr Shah`s treatment, the psoriasis was still the same how ever there was significant relief in my joint pains, swelling was much better. With pain reducing I calmed down a bit however I was still worried as I was still getting the skin rashes. Within 7 months of treatment, I started seeing lot of improvement in my psoriasis, the itching was much less; the scaling of skin reduced and there were no new spots of Psoriasis. There was further improvement in my joint pains. The pain and swelling reduced by I can say almost 90 %. I am very thankful to Dr Shah for helping me have a healthy skin and regaining back my hope.


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