Psoriasis: Have psoriasis? Ask yourself

Have psoriasis? Ask yourself

1. - Did you take harsh chemical medicines which worked only till you took them?

If you have suffered from Psoriasis, you may have taken several chemical-based medicines which are conventionally prescribed by the doctors. Initially, you thought that they worked, but you soon realized that Psoriasis came back on stopping the usage of such medicines.

The question in your mind is, ‘How long can I keep taking such chemicals into my system?'

Answers may be found here:

Homeopathy offers an alternative to conventional medicines for Psoriasis. Homeopathy is absolutely safe and very effective in most cases to bring about a long remission.

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2. - Did you already realize that Psoriasis cannot be ‘cured' by lotions and ointments?

Most patients who have just developed Psoriasis tend to think that by using some local ointment or lotions, Psoriasis will go away! They soon realize after using such ointments for three or four instances, that, Psoriasis cannot be cured externally.

Psoriasis is a deep-seated, immunological disease, which needs to be treated at the immune level.

Homeopathy treats Psoriasis at the immune level. 

3. - Did you take steroids which temporarily helped but caused serious side-effects?

When your doctor feels desperate about your Psoriasis, he would prescribe steroids or cortisone. Some may prescribe it routinely. However, it may be noted that the use of steroid is indicated only as a life-saving measure in the most severe cases of Psoriasis.

Now, those who have used steroids in any form, either local application or oral, may have figured out that Psoriasis does come back after initial improvement. Not only that, the relapsed form of psoriasis is more difficult to treat with milder medicines, as the body calls for stronger medicine, as the immunity is suppressed with the use of steroids. In other words, your Psoriasis has now become ‘resistant' to milder medicines!

The solution to such a problem is offered by homeopathic treatment, which helps patients to keep away from the use of steroids. 

4. - Did your doctor consider genetic factor while deciding your treatment?

You probably have someone in the family (father, mother, grandparents, uncle, aunts, etc) suffering from Psoriasis or Rheumatoid arthritis or Thyroiditis or alopecia or Cancer or Ankylosing Spondylitis or the like; suggestive of genetic predisposition in the development of Psoriasis.

While determining the line of medicine, did your medicine consider the genetic factor in the background?

Homeopathy, probably the only system of medicine, which incorporates the genetic factor, while deciding the medicine for you; hence treating it at a root level. 

5. - Why didn't you think of homeopathy so far, which is internal medicine, working at the immune level, safe and based on genetic consideration?

You suffered from Psoriasis for five or more years and did not opt for homeopathy. This is because you had never known of homeopathy as an important remedy for Psoriasis. This is because your doctor was ignorant about the efficacy of homeopathy.

Now is the time for you to consider homeopathy for your Psoriasis, which is effective, safe, individualizing, treating the disease at the roots by considering the genetic patter.

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