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An 8-Year-Old Gets Relieved Of Her Psoriasis At Life Force Homeopathy

Ms. M.S.J. (PIN: 39532) visited with her parents at Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of her Psoriasis, which she was suffering from 8 months.

She was just a student of 2nd standard. Psoriasis had affected various parts of her body, such as her eyes, the armpits, the elbow, & the soles, with a moderate amount of scaling, itching, redness, burning, dryness over the patches, & cracks on the soles.

She also had a family history of psoriasis, as her paternal grandmother had suffered from the same.

Till now, she had not taken any treatment for her Psoriasis, but, now, her complaints had started increasing so her parents were searching for a treatment with no side-effects as they did not want her child to be exposed to strong steroidal medicines at such a young age, & they found a good resort in Life Force Homeopathy.

The patient was a shy but cheerful child with very good nature & behavior. She had a good dressing sense & was conscious of her appearance. She was shy & not very communicative, & her parents explained to us all her complaints. She had a constant smile on her face throughout the case taking. Her case details are as follows.

She was following a mixed diet and had an average appetite. She had a liking for milk, salty things, & non-vegetarian food. Unlike other children, she did not like sweets & sour foods. She had an average thirst, and she had minimum perspiration even on exertion & physical activity. She had an average built with 128 cm of height & 21 kgs of weight.

She had a good sound sleep with no nightmares or interruptions.

She was born of a normal delivery with average birth weight & no illness post-delivery.

She was breastfed for a good 18 months, and her milestones were on time & had all her immunization on time. She was a happy-go-lucky child with good relations with her parents & relatives. She desired the company, was very friendly, & has a good friend circle. She was very creative & liked drawing & painting.

Based on the complete details of the case & a thorough study of the same, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his advanced research-based Homeopathic molecules for 6 weeks to the patient. She was advised a few blood tests too to assess the deficiencies & other parameters.

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After following the homeopathic treatment for 6 weeks, the patient visited again for the follow-up with her parents, & the patient had experienced a good improvement of about 30% to 40% at the first follow-up itself. They shared the investigation reports too which were advised at the time of commencement of the treatment A prescription was again made for another 6 weeks, &, based on the blood reports, supplements of the Vitamin B, Vitamin D, & Iron were prescribed for 3 months each to the patient.

The patient was following the recommended diet very well & along with the medicines & supplements. She was experiencing good stability & improvement in her relief. No new patches had developed, & the existing patches were also a lot better i.e. almost 80% better by the 2nd follow-up.

Within 6 months of the Life Force treatment, the child’s condition turned stable & her relief in her complaints of Psoriasis got better by 90%. Considering the subsequent follow-ups, it is confirmed that her complaints are not triggering any change in her lifestyle or dietary pattern. She is continuing the treatment with constant stability & further improvement in her Psoriasis. She is delighted with the Life Force treatment & her parents want her to get rid of the Psoriasis completely from the roots, & they are positive about the same which shall happen soon.



This case illustrates that irrespective of the age-group or cause of the autoimmune disease, such as Psoriasis & others, Homeopathy has an upper hand in treating the ailment. Homeopathy provides gentle & long-term relief safely without any side-effects or dependency on the medicines.


  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD.


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