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Immense Recovery From Guttate Psoriasis & Improved Quality Of Life Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

Mr. S.V.M. (PIN: 36564) came to Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his complaints of Psoriasis. He was affected with Guttate Psoriasis characterized by small scattered spots of the condition all over the skin. Also, redness, scaling, and itching occurred over the psoriasis spots. Post healing, the hypopigmented spot remained on the area, and it was a rare & peculiar symptom. He was suffering from Psoriasis for 8 years & had tried a lot of medications but none could resolve his complaints. He was a student & felt very embarrassed as the Psoriasis had affected his face also. He lacked confidence due to this, and he felt this would affect his future too. 

So, for the prescription, a detailed case was taken and the description, in brief, is given below.

He was a pure vegetarian; and he had an average appetite & a craving for sweets. He had an average thirst. He was experiencing profuse generalized perspiration & was intolerant to the hot temperatures. He had good digestion. The patient had no urinary complaints. He had an average built. He enjoyed a good sound sleep with no dreams causing any kind of interruptions. 

He had a good & happy childhood & still has a very happy life with no stress whatsoever. He shared a very good relationship with his parents & relatives. By nature, he was a very gentle & sober individual. Being extrovert by nature, he was very friendly and had a good friend circle. He liked traveling & enjoying get together with friends. He was very practical in approach, and he rarely got angry. He aspired to be a businessman one day.

Based on the whole case details, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines for 6 weeks to the patient.

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At the first follow-up, there was 5% to 10% relief in his Psoriasis. The itching & scaling had reduced slightly, & the other symptoms were more or less the same. So, based on the disease details, a homeopathic prescription for 6 weeks was again made for the patient.

When the patient gave the second follow-up, his Psoriasis was further stable. But a lot was remaining to be relieved. A prescription for 6 weeks was again made for him.

At the third follow-up, the patient was 70% better, & a very good control over his Psoriasis was achieved. No new lesions had developed, and the old ones too had subsided very well. There was a great reduction in itching, redness, scaling, & hypopigmentation. So, a homeopathic prescription for 6 weeks was again made for the patient.

During the winters, there was a mild aggravation in his complaints but very low as compared to that in the last 8 years. So, the stability was maintained throughout the winter season, & the patient took the medicines continuously without any breaks.

Within 8 months of the homeopathic treatment, the patient found 80% relief in his complaints with a reduction in the itching, redness, scaling, & hypopigmentation. Everything had almost relieved. Only a few psoriatic lesions remained on his body.


This case highlights that homeopathy can treat such stubborn & chronic cases of Psoriasis which are very difficult to manage & which do not respond to any treatment & fluctuate with seasonal variation and the other triggers. The aggravating and chronic complaints of psoriasis which increase the suffering of an individual and cause emotional disturbances & low confidence can be effectively treated with Homeopathy. Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. has proved efficacious in treating many chronic autoimmune diseases, instilling confidence in several individuals, creating awareness, & increased faith in many others.

  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.

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