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A case of psoriasis could attain considerable remission for his chronic Psoriasis with timely management of Dr. Shah’s medicines.

Mr. S. D. M (Patient Identification Number - 10355) could attain considerable remission for his chronic Psoriasis with timely management of Dr. Shah’s medicines.

He was referred to our clinic by a local allopathic doctor. He visited our centre on 30th January, 2008. He was suffering from Psoriasis since seven to eight years. It was moderately spread on the lower back, thighs, fore arms, neck and forehead. There were four to five scattered spots with mild scaling. He would have a remission of his complaints in the summer season. The winters would aggravate it. Since a week he had stopped applying all his steroid based medications. He was applying salicylic and steroid based ointments prior to visiting Life Force. He had also tried ayurvedic medicines in the past, but none of them seemed to help.

He also had joint pains since one to two years. There would be dull and mild pain continuously, every day. There was pain in the neck and shoulders. Occasionally his knees would become stiff and it would become difficult for him to walk and get up. He would occasionally take pain killers.

He ate both veg and non veg food. He had a habit of consuming alcohol once in a week and he would smoke regularly. He was tolerant to extremes of temperature.

He was 58 years old. He had taken voluntary retirement 2 years ago from his service. He was employed as a senior bank officer. His wife was a technician in a government hospital. He had a daughter who was a banker; she was married.

He was brought up in a low socio economic condition as his father had expired at an early age. He had worked hard and struggled in his young age. His life was stressful during his service years. Now he was stress free and calm.

He described himself as simple, honest and hardworking. He was cool headed and would not get angry easily. Three to four years ago, he had work pressure related to some non banking issues which his seniors were pressurizing him to do. He did not compromise on his ‘honesty’ principle, instead, he took voluntary retirement from work. Now he is content and satisfied in his life as he had worked honestly throughout his service.

His father had expired due to cancer of oesophagus.

His case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Carcinosin 200c along with some research based medicines.

He was asked to defer from taking the steroid based creams, which he had himself stopped a few days earlier. He showed good progress from the first month itself, the redness was the first to reduce, the scales reduced gradually, the itching came down. Gradually healing took place in the lesions.

After 6 months of treatment (11/7/08) – he was 75% better. The spots had reduced significantly. There was no scaling or itching. The joint pains were better by 50%. He was advised to reduce the intake of pain killers.

After 1 year’s treatment (06/01/09) – the improvement stopped. His joints pain had increased considerably with stiffness and swelling. After reviewing the case his prescription was upgraded. Dr Shah prescribed Thuja 200c. This brought about prompt relief in the joints pain and the psoriasis which was not getting further better also responded reasonably well. He showed steady recovery and was completely free from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

He reported after three years (26/6/12) – with mild relapse of his Psoriasis. It had aggravated since the last two to three weeks. This time there was stress as his daughter had given birth to twin babies. So he and his wife were tending to the mother and the twins. He was also undergoing financial difficulties. The psoriasis lesions were seen on the scalp and the forehead. There were no joint pains. Dr Shah prescribed medicines after reviewing the previous medical records, and within six weeks there was good recovery. "This was the shortest relapse so far in my life " patient exclaimed ! He had thought that now there will be another cycle for eight to ten months atleast, however he was pleasantly surprised with the quick recovery.

This case illustrates the wonderful efficacy of homeopathic medicines in managing such a chronic, obstinate and relapsing skin disease. The relapse could be managed in a shorter duration as Dr. Shah had the previous case records and a existing strategy which had healed him in the past.

Dr. M. N. P.

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