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Chronic Psoriasis showed good improvement with Homeopathic medicines at Life Force.



62 years old female, Mrs.U.P.S. (Patient Identification Number: 12443) visited clinic on 25th July 2009 for her complaints of Psoriasis.

The Psoriatic lesions were on scalp, abdomen, hands and legs which had increased since 2 years. The complaints had started since 5 years but the intensity was very mild and now since 2 years it was spreading. There were dry papular eruptions with itching and redness. The itching was very severe. He had used local applications which were steriod based for 2 months. There was minimal relief in symptoms but some new eruptions were still coming up. There was no permanent relief for the symptoms.

Mrs. U.P.S. preferred vegetarian diet. Her appetite was normal, she had no special likings in food.
Her motions and urine was normal. Thermally she was hot. Her sleep was sound and there were no specific dreams.

She was from a well to do family. Her husband was retired and she was staying with her family. She had 2 daughters both were married and settled and her son was studying abraod. She was very gentle and polite and was satisfied with her life. She had a happy childhood and a happy married life. She was a bit reserved but would easily mould and get adjusted anywhere.

She was allergic to dust and pesticides in past but now she had no such problem. She had undergone surgery for herniactomy and Hemorrhoidectomy years back. In her family, her father had Psoriasis.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Carcinosin 200c along with Research based medicines for Psoriasis.

After 3 months on 26th Oct 2009, her Psoriasis was 50% better. The itching and dryness of skin had reduced to about 50%. There were no new spots and the old spots were much better. Her case was again studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was presribed Sulphur 200c single dose along with research based medicines for Psoriasis.

After another 3 months on 14th Jan 2010, the Psoriasis was further 80% better. There was no itching and redness had also reduced. There were no new eruptions, even though it was winter season. Psoriasis was much better. She was again prescribed for another 3 months.

She visited after 3 years on 14th Jan 2013, she was completely free from Psoriasis for the past 3 years. She was very happy with the improvement and was thankful to Life Force for giving her a relief in her Psoriasis.

Uploaded on 22 January 2013 by Dr. K.S.W

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