Psoriasis Testimonials

A. ATREYA, India

I am very satisfied with the treatment given to my daughter in life force. She had mild Psoriasis on the palm and sole. We came to know about life force from the website. In one year she has been cured of it. Click here to view original testimonial
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My health (over all) has improved tremendously. My Psoriasis is finally under control. After being treated unsuccessfully for four years by various forms of medicine, Life Force homeopathy has managed successfully and cured in a few months.Click here to view original testimonial
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M. Abraham, India

I M. Abraham,Pin no. 14715, have been suffering from Psoriasis since last 6 years. It mainly involves the hand, around 60% of back of palm, feet, legs, around 40% on Stomach area, 50% on Back, about 20% and on buttocks about 95%. I would have severe itching, scaling and oozing watery discharge. I would have severe burning sensation after the itching spells. In last 6 years I was tired of the recurrence and relapse. I had given up all hopes of ever being free from Psoriasis. With treatment from Dr Shah`s clinic in last 1 year, I have seen remarkable improvement. There is 80% improvement in the patches on my palms, stomach area has cleared up 100%. The doscolouration is gone and skin appears normal with no itching. The feet and the legs show about 25% improvemnt. The itching, the burning and oozing has considerably reduced (50%). However discolouration persists. The buttock patches still persist, but the itching in that area is less. I am continuing with the treatment and am hopeful of recovering completely from my psoriasis as this is the first time in last 6 years that I have been able to experience definite change in my chronic Psoriasis.

P. Deshpande

Excellent !! I had Life Force treatment for erythrodermic Psoriasis that kept me bed ridden. Within a week I could go to office & in six months, I was really normal.Click here to view original testimonial
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C. R. Desai, India

My name is Chandrakant Ramchandra Desai.I stay in Bhandup. Since the last five years, i was suffering from psoriasis on the palms and the soles. I tried creams and lotions prescribed by Dermatologists for around two years. On the contrary, the lesions increased.The disease affected both palms, soles and both feet. I became depressed and thought that this disease is incurable. I was ill treated in my job due to this disease. I silently tolerated everything. Then one day, I read Navakal newspaper and my life changed for ever. That paper carried an article written about Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis. It gave information about Dr. Rajesh Shah`s breakthrough research and success with Homeopathy. The same day, I contacted Dr Rajesh Shah. He examined me and treated me. He reassured me of a good recovery. Today I am 90 % better with his treatment. If I would not have met Dr Shah, I would have been in a miserable condition. I can affirm that if one takes Homeopathy regularly, one can get cured. I am a testimony to its magic.Click here to view original testimonial
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Shaikh Merajuddin,

When I was affected by psoriasis initially I was very much depressed by it. I got from internet about insuccessful allopathy treatments and its temporary relief medicines. Luckily I got through some of the comment regarding homeopathy treatment of psoriasis in some forum websites, searched for homeopath clinics and I am glad that on first instance I came across to the beautiful informative website of Dr. Shah. I was impressed by the information provided on the website communicated Dr. Shah, through website and started the treatment, in very short duration. The psoriasis vanished from me. I am very thankful to Dr. Shah for his special homeopath treatment, good Luck. Shaikh MerajuddinClick here to view original testimonial
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A. K. Srivastva, India

I, AKS (Pin number: 16342) was suffering from Palmo Plantar Psoriasis since almost 1.5 years, presenting with severe hardness of the skin on the palms and soles associated with severe scaling. These complaints would increase in winter. Within 2 months of starting the treatment, I observed very good response; The medicine started showing the results right from the very first week, and within 2 weeks soles of my feet turned back to normal, and the patches in palms were also gone. Later either because of some work pressure or other worries it has come back in palms, but feet soles are still good. I would say that about 60-65% has turned back to normal and the Psoriasis is not spreading further. I am thankful to Dr Shah for the quick response and I am hopeful that there will not be any further spread in my Psoriasis.

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Psoriasis Case Studies

A 31-year-old male patient, Mr. C. M. (PIN: 13321) visited the Life Force clinic in February 2010 and started homeopathic treatment for his complaints of Palmo-planter psoriasis.

He was suffering from it for 1 year. The lesions of psoriasis were present on his hands and legs majorly. He.....Read more

A 28-year-old patient, Mr. S.K. (PIN: 39840) came with complaints of psoriasis to the Santacruz branch of Life Force in Mumbai on 9th April 2019.

He was looking for treatment for psoriasis to work on its root cause and heal the skin condition completely to eliminate it from h.....Read more

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease characterized by thick, patchy, and red scaly skin. The skin condition may last long and is non-contagious.


Causes of Palmoplantar Psoriasis:

1. Genetic

2. Environmental factors


.....Read more
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