Parents of children with Vitiligo should not panic.

Study carefully Dr. Shah’s advise to parents.

Vitiligo is caused by immunological, hormonal and genetic factors.

Dr Shah’s homeopathy treatment addresses the totality and treats Vitiligo internally

Dr Rajesh Shah’s new Medicines increase Melanin (pigment) in laboratory research

Dr Rajesh Shah has been working on treating a wide range of chronic and recurring diseases. Vitiligo is one of them. Over 9000 cases of vitiligo from 180 countries, including all possible skin-types and different genetic variants have been treated at Life Force Homeopathy by Dr Shah over the last three decades.

Vitiligo research by Dr ShahAs Dr Shah always says, vitiligo is not a serious disease but it may have social significance due to cosmetic reasons. Though vitiligo is a harmless disease, it does result from internal auto-immune disease whereby the body’s own melanin cells are attacked and destroyed, leading to loss of color or pigments. Vitiligo is a sign of underlying auto-immune disease so it needs to be treated. 


In a series of two research studies at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at leading Nair Hospital (a Government-run hospital and medical college in Mumbai) conducted with the scientists at the institutions, as per the concept of Dr Rajesh Shah, the Principal Investigator, some amazing research findings have been observed.



These are among the first-ever homeopathic research studies on Vitiligo in the lab model using certain new and old medicines.

Highlights of the scientific studies:

  • Dr Rajesh Shah developed 4 new medicines which were tested against Vitiligo
  • In-vitro, cell-line model was chosen following globally accepted protocols
  • The medicines were studies in a potentized format using high-dilution
  • The medicines have shown an increase in the melanin count
  • Scientific evidence of anti-vitiligo efficacy was produced in the lab experiments
  • The studies were controlled with the placebo arm
  • Anti-vitiligo effect of the new medicines established

The studies were conducted by reputed scientists at the government-run medical institution in Mumbai, India.

Two papers were published in peer-reviewed, international journals. The links are given hereunder.

Clinically, these new medicines have shown clinical improvement in a number of patients. However, it may be noted that the results vary and no claim is made for the cure of vitiligo in each and every case, as every case may have individual features and factors responsible for their development.

Links to the research articles:




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