VITILIGO: Please understand how it can be treated

Vitiligo is a disease of pigments. It is not serious but a social disease. Vitiligo can be mild, moderate or severe. Vitiligo can be completely curable, partly curable, controllable or incurable. It all depends on a set of reasons, such as hormonal, genetic and others.

Every case calls for scrutiny to be able to decide its curability and the treatment. The treatment has to be based on the underlying causes behind vitiligo.

Who can help you?

You need experts who have experience in handling vitiligo. Vitiligo is a cosmetic disorder. Naturally, there are many who claim and promise results on the internet. You need to be careful.

At Life Force, we have worked on over 7200 cases (July 2016) of vitiligo and have documented. We know which cases are treatable which are not; and how are they to be treated. We do not over-promise. A lot of research has gone into it. We have internationally patented molecules to help vitiligo.

We have patients from over 180 countries... We have treated vitiligo on American skin, European skin, Australian skin, African and Asian skin. Such a wide experience in treating vitiligo is unique in the world.

It works and it is online:

Scientifically documented, patented homeopathic medicines supported by excellent service and support, made available online. Ask Dr Shah's team of doctors if you have questions.

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Amongst the most leading homeopathic clinics in the world, operating from Mumbai, India.

We are currently treating patients from 160 countries.

Under the care of Dr Rajesh Shah, MD has experience of 33 years and expertise in treating over9000 cases of Vitiligo.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified clinic with a research wing, having patent medicines for Vitiligo.

Check the library of documented case photos of Vitiligo and case studies.
  We have been offering our online treatment for Vitiligo through the internet, since 1995.

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Step 1: Sign up online using a credit card or PayPal or check.

Step 2: Receive a questionnaire to submit details about your disease with photos.

Step 3: Dr Shah will study your case and the medicines will be home delivered.

You have to keep in touch with us via e-mail, phone or in person.

You get the best of homeopathic treatment, which is:

Experience-based (31 years)


Expertise based (9000+ cases treated)

Anywhere in the world, no need to travel

Excellent support system:
- Email: 24/7 by email
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Vitiligo Case Studies

A 29-year-old male patient, Mr. S.Z. (PIN: 19775) visited Life Force and started homeopathic treatment for the complaint of vitiligo in August 2012.


He was suffering from Vitiligo since a year. The patches were majorly present on his chest, abdomen, and thighs. When he .....Read more


A 45-year-old male patient, Mr. Rakesh (Name changed) (PIN: 39195) came to Life Force and started Homeopathic treatment for his complaints of Vitiligo in 2019.


He was suffering from vitiligo for the last 5 years, and vitilig.....Read more

A 19-year-old female patient, Ms. P.B. (PIN: 35642) visited the Borivali branch of Life Force on 11th February 2018 for the treatment of her Vitiligo.


She had hypopigmented patches on her right eyelid and chin for one year. The patches were increasing in size.....Read more

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Symptoms of Vitiligo: Mild, Moderate and Severe Vitiligo Symptoms by Dr Shah

A book on Vitiligo by Dr Rajesh Shah who has treated 6000+ cases of vitiligo

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