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Tiffany Roy, USA - Chalazion

My chalazion treatment began on May 21. It improved miraculously after three weeks of Dr Shah's treatment. Within September 15 my chalazions dissolved. My eyelids are back to normal !! 

I just thank God that he led me to Dr. Shah because doctors in New York could not help me. All they wanted to do was slit the chalazion and stated that I would have to deal with this disease for the rest of my life. I was feeling quite doubtful at first but holistic medicine is definitely the key.

I am so happy with the results. If I have any future problems with chalazions I will be definetely contacting Dr Shah.

Thanks again.

R. D. M, USA

My hair seems to be falling less and has filled out a bit. The medicine has made at least a 50% improvement. The hair loss has definitely slowed down. All my best wishes to Dr. Shah and his team, it’s his treatment which is helping me out from my problem.

R. K., Mother of H. K., India

My daughter has been taking the medicines given by Life Force for the last two months. There is visible improvement in the vitiligo marks; she has in her left ear, behind the left ear and on the upper part of her neck almost under her hair. The improvement is almost 40 % in just two months. Thank you Life Force! 


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