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Case-5: Warts completely gone in 4 months

Before after treatment photo of Warts on right foot dorsum

16 year old girl, Miss S. G. (Patient reference number L7807) reported to the clinic along with her mother from complaints of warts on her feet since 1 year. She had a few warts on the dorsum of her right foot. She would occasionally get itching on the warts. These were gradually increasing in size and in number. She mentioned that her friend also had warts on the feet and suspected this to be the source of infection in her case. She had also developed a corn on the dorsum of her foot due to ill-fitting footwear. She had got the wart cauterized about 6 months before she reported to us but it had recurred after some time.

She also complained of acne on her face since the last 2 years. She would frequently develop papular and pustular eruptions on the cheeks and forehead. These would be worse before her menses and would subside after her menses were over.

She was a slightly obese girl with an average appetite and a marked liking for sweets. She was averse to milk. She had no complaints pertaining to her stools or urine. Her sleep was sound and refreshing.

She was a student of the 10th grade and stayed with her parents and elder brother. She was a very mild person and was extremely sensitive by nature. She would immediately start weeping if she was scolded or spoken roughly to. Her mother added that she was very patient and no matter how much she would be troubled by her brother, she would never lose her patience. She would get angry if someone lied about her. She would mix easily with others and would like to be in the company of people. She would get very anxious before her exams but her performance would be amongst the best ones in her class she would usually secure a rank amongst the first three in her class.

Her brother had suffered from tuberculosis in childhood and her grandfather had diabetes, cerebro-vascular accident and had been in coma for some time before he passed away. Apart from this, there was no history of any other illness in her family or in her past.

She was prescribed Thuja 200 along with another remedy that has been prepared at Lifeforce for the treatment of warts. About 3 weeks after starting treatment, her warts were the same as before but the itching had significantly stopped. Another remedy called Causticum 200 was prescribed for her this time. A month later, she reported that her warts were almost 75% better than before. The treatment was continued on similar lines and after completing about 4 months of treatment her warts had completely disappeared. Her treatment was concluded thereafter and she was asked to report to us in case she developed any complaints anytime in future. A year later, she visited the clinic with her mother and she hadn't developed any recurrence of the warts until this point of time.

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